Second OZ Trip, Summer (er, Winter) 2002

The first trip. (Just in case you missed it)

Waiting 17 July 2002

Sitting here in limbo,
like a bird without a song...

In the Water 23 July 2002

Please put me back in the water

Moving In 24 July 2002

Tweed Heads.

First Voyage 2 August 2002

Tweed Heads to Southport.

Skip to Mooloolaba 15 August 2002

And last... 5 September 2002

Slides from this chapter I hacked together a little perl program do do all the thumbnailing (with ImageMagik) that I used to do by hand (with Photoshop). It also spits out template links with alt captions and this handy-dandy slide index. Programming is kind of fun...