Most recent entries at the end.

First trip to Australia - April 2002

We were supposed to pick up Endless Summer, but various disasters happened and we spent the trip as land-bound tourists instead.

Second trip to Australia - July, August 2002

After a month of waiting around, Endless Summer was finally done and we got to sail (in the rain).

Netherlands, Rome - July 2003

Our summer trip to The Netherlands with a few days in Rome.

Coomera - August 2003

Getting Endless Summer ready to go in Coomera.

Heading North - September 2003

The first leg of the journey north. North winds in starring role.

Keppel Island - September 2003

Getting to and hanging out near Keppel Island. North winds will not die.

To Mackay - October 2003

The trip to Mackay, North Winds from beyond the crypt, cameo for snake.

Whitsundays - November 2003

The Whitsunday Islands. North winds back for an encore.

Townsville - November 2003

Last of Australia.

Samarai - November 2003

Voyage to Samarai: winds constant, boat turns around.

PNG - December 2003

Adventures in PNG and the trip to Cairns.

Cairns to Townsville - January 2004

Christmas in Cairns and other adventures.

Now with handy tear-out recipe section!

North winds return and this time they're good!

South to Yeppoon - January 2004

The trip south, some of it.

Leaving the Tropics - March 2004

More of the trip south, Brisbane.

South to Sydney - April 2004

Our trip south down the New South Wales Coast to Sydney. Literary pretensions. A thunderstorm.

Urban Sailors - May 2004

Sailing around Port Jackson. Visitors.

Newcastle - June 2004

The trip to Newcastle, ruminations on experience, plumbing mishaps.

Lord Howe Island - July 2004

The Abel Tasman Weight Loss Regimen and other adventures on Lord Howe Island.

Nouméa - July 2004

The trip to New Caledonia and our first impressions of Nouméa.

Aventures dans le Grand Sud - August 2004

First adventures in New Caledonia. No executions. Rain. Ool makes its appearance.

Île des Pins - September 2004

The Isle of Pines: actual white sand, fresh bread, overhanging islands, more ool. Oh yes, pine trees.

Disloyalty - October 2004

Our non-trip to the Loyalties, inland explorations.

Upwind - November 2004

Upwind across the Pacific from New Caledonia to Samoa. We catch some fish and (almost) a Chinese long liner.

The Cook Islands - January 2005

More upwind adventures in the Cook Islands. Coconut Crabs.

To Hawaii - February 2005

In which Dave and I sail to Hawaii completing the "coconut bash."

Christmas in Honolulu, Kauai - March 2005

Farewell to Dave. Reunion with Karin and the kids. Fear and Loathing in Honolulu.