March 2005

9 March - The Big Waves and the Luau

A while back, the north shore of Kauai had some really huge waves. We went up to Hanalei to see them, and maybe surf right by the pier. Unluckily for us, the waves were really bad, and we couldn't surf, but we did get to see some really big waves. Inside Hanalei, they were probably around 40 feet tall, but outside they were more like 60 feet tall. Once we were done gawking at the waves inside Hanalei, we went to tried to get to Queens Bath, but the waves were just too huge to even contemplate walking there. Instead we plopped down on a rock and watched the waves crash on the rocks. A couple of times we actually got wet from the spray, and we were something like 20 feet away from were they were crashing. On the way back we stooped at a place by the road and had a really good smoothie.

A few days later we did the unthinkable. We joined the blasphemous hordes of tourists partaking in a “authentic Hawaiian Luau”. Even me, with my anti-tourist view on things, had to admit that it was well done. First we got to walk around the gardens at the place, then we watched them take the pork out of the outdoor oven, then ate, and then we got to watch the show. I thought the food was really great, and there was fruit punch. The show showcased all the different nationalities that make up the Hawaiian population. The last Luau I went to was at least six years ago, so it was nice to re-experience it.

24 March - The RFMIH (Really Fun Mosquito Infested Hike)

Yesterday we went on a hike through swamps and rain forests. It was really cool, but there were a lot of mozzies. We didn't notice that till this morning, when we woke up and counted our bites. Total for me: 35. Total for Nikki: 75!! But I think it was worth it. Our original plan was to find Kipu falls, but we got tired trying to find the right trail, so we went off the trail and began to explore. I had a lot of fun walking around in the wild. When we were done exploring we bushwhacked back to the trail and went to a waterfall with a rope swing that we knew was there. The water was really cold, but it was also refreshing. What amazed me the most was that momma felt the water, got used to it a bit, and used the rope swing to get the rest of the way in. That was something!

25 March - Coincidences

A few weeks ago the most amazing coincidence happened to us. We met John and Haley Davison. They own an art and furniture store in Kapa'a, and momma made a connection between the name of their store, Davison Arts, and the last name of some friends from Colorado. John is the older brother of Peter. Haley and John told us they were expecting Peter and family (Ana, Alex, and Clare) in 3 weeks, so we hung around to meet them. so far we have done many enjoyable things with them.

We met the “visiting Davisons” in Hawaii for the first time at Anini beach on the north shore. It was a beach potluck, and there was so much food that the tabletop was overflowing. The ocean water temperature was really nice, so it wasn't hard to jump in. Anini Beach is protected by a coral reef, so there are no waves. Later in the day, I went snorkeling with Alex, Nikki, and Clare. Papa was there to make sure nobody got lost or eaten. When we were done with snorkeling we played Jeux de Boulle with the party. I had some really accurate rolls, and even won a few times. When the day finally wound to close, I wished it could have lasted longer.

Two days later we met them on our boat to go sailing. We didn't go very far out because not everybody had their sea legs, but it was still really nice to talk to everybody. Nikki and I showed everyone the trampoline was available to sit on. Later in the trip, Evan became seasick, and we gave him a plastic bag, but luckily he fell asleep before he upchucked. When we anchored in Nawiliwili, I went swimming with Nikki, Evan, and Clare. First we swam around with Evan, then he got out and we jumped off the bow. Soon I was kicked out by Nikki, who said that I was to rough and couldn't play with them anymore. Woof. Later the girls even went Skurfing without me!!! Well, at least they had fun at the end of the day.

At the conclusion of that day, we went to John and Haley's house for yet another potluck. We have had two on a beach, two at Haley's house, and two at Nan's house. Haley and John have lots of animals in their house. She has 3 birds, 5 cats, 2 dogs, and one 5 year old child. The cats that you see the most of are Frank and Max. Frank likes human food, especially cheese, and Max is not a lap cat like Frank. Pia is the younger dog, she is still a puppy, and Buster is older and has a skin problem. I forgot the birds names, but one is a Parrot OPUS and the other two are finches that they found as babies and hand raised. The five year old is Evan and he's a cute and expressive kid (he's a typical 5 year old, which is why I listed him under the animal section).

Hanging out with the Davisons has been one of the most enjoyable parts of the Hawai'i trip so far.