January 2005


6 January - Hawai'i

We have been in Hawai'i for two weeks now . We are staying in the Ali Wai Boat Harbor, near Downtown Waikiki. I barely remember our last trip here, so it's like I have never been here before.

The first place we went to was the place that I remembered the most, the pier on Waikiki Beach. There are a couple breaks that I use for boogie boarding. The first is right by the wall, and is probably my favorite. It is very fast and rough, although the latter is probably caused by the people I run over, not the wave itself. The second break is further out and on the other side of the pier, in front of the slippery wall. The waves are a bit bigger here, but the downside of all this is that you have to pull out of the wave most of the time. If you are lucky you can ride right in front of the pier. Momma uses the tourist break, which is actually the shallowest and the worst. I think if the tourists knew how shallow it was, there wouldn't be any boogie boarders.

A few days ago we went to the North Shore to see the surf, which was supposed to be big. It was big, but very lumpy and unsurfable. We went to Waimea and Pipeline. They looked exactly the same, lumpy, messy and miserable. We did get to eat at Breakers, a really good restaurant. The day ended with the long drive home, all of 40 minutes. Hawaii is really cool, and I can't wait to find out what we do next.

10 January - More adventures in Waikiki

It has been a week since I last wrote, and in that time we have done... 1... 2.. new and totally cool things. We hiked up Diamond head and saw Spider-Man 2 on the beach.

The hike up Diamond head (hereafter known as The Hike) was fun, but we were reluctant to go. If you will go back to when we were working our way up to Townsville in Oz, we stopped at a place called Fraser Island, where we had the Baton Death March of at least 14 Kilometers in a Blazing Hot Sun (BDM14KBHS)? Well ever since the BDM14KBHS Nikki and I have a problem with trusting papa if he says “Its only a few miles!”. Luckily for us, he was right, and it was actually quite fun, because there were some tunnels. The part I liked the least about The Hike was that there were 274 steps to the top. On top there was a bunker with “Danger. Keep Of.” stenciled on it. No matter, Nikki and I still climbed on it. For The Hike we were joined by Susan and Everett from Let'er Buck. I think that The Hike was made to sound worse than it actually was – event the Flyers said it was a strenuous hike. R.I.P. BDM14KBHS.

Spider-Man 2 on the beach was really cool. We had never been to an outdoor movie before, and this is free. I thought it was an acceptable movie. I thought the action was better that the story. My favorite part was when Spidey saves the train after Doc Ock disables the brakes. You could also buy really yummy shaved ice made with real lemon juice, not that fake stuff. I really hope we are here next week do we can see The Day After Tomorrow, or The Terminal.

Apart from these really cool things, we have done a couple other normal things. We saw A Really Long Engagement and Meet the Fockers, both really good movies. Meet the Fockers is the funniest movie ever in my opinions, and A Very long Engagement has some good scenes of how brutal WW1 was.

Meyer out.

24 January - Kauai so far

The trip from Oahu to Kauai was the worst so far. The fact that it was a channel (the worst of the Hawaiian Islands) and the fact we were sailing strait into the waves at 8 knots made it really bad. That's not the worst of it. At around 11 in the night, the sail came crashing down. Because it was our first overnight, we both slept in the cabin or cockpit. Nikki was in the cockpit and when the boom hit the roof, she jumped up from her sleep and ran into the cockpit, her eyes as big as saucers and gasping for breath, all in a matter of seconds. I just looked at her and laughed. It turned out that the block connecting the sail had snapped in half. The broken bit was never found, presumed sunk or vaporized. The first sound I heard was the THUNK from the boom, but momma heard a ZZZZZZZZZZTHUNK. When papa came up from trying to sleep in his cabin to see what happened, he thought we had hit a whale, and Nikki still looked shocked, so she probably wasn't thinking that much. Momma and I knew what happened right away, cause I was on the couch, and momma was on watch in the cockpit. Long story short, papa went up the mast in the middle of the night to retrieve the remains of the block and bring the halyard back down. Everybody's adrenaline was pumping, especially papa's, because you could see he had some spring in his foot when he came back into the cockpit. When we got to Kauai the next morning, we were delayed because we had to wait for a LCV-2 (some sort of army transport) and a barge to go in before us.

The first day at Anchor in Nawiliwili Harbor in Kauai we didn't do anything. Null, zero, zip, nothing. There is one exception. We took our brekkie over to the Let'er Bucks and talked to them while we ate. The second day was a spur of activity, if you can call walking 4 miles a “spur”. I did get something good out of it all, a new book by Stephen E. Ambrose, my current favorite author. He was a military historian for WW2 who, unlike other historians, makes a historically accurate story from interviews of veterans. The next day, there was another spur of activity, when we walked 2 ˝ miles to rent a car at the airport. The car is really bad, a new Chystler Town & Country. The seats are the worst in the world. We rented a minivan with Ev and Susan because now we can go places together. After we got the car we drove to Kapa'a and ate lunch.

Our plans are unclear, but I would really like to take a Helicopter ride. It is really beautiful here, and the prices are reasonable, and mommas actually thinking about it!!! That would be SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

31 January - Kauai

We have been in Kauai for almost three weeks now, and there are many more activities I can add to the list of ones we have already done. We have been on two hikes, explored the North, South, and West shores, and gone surfing so many times I have lost count.

The first hike was to the chin of the Sleeping Giant. The hike was made easier because of the fact that there were around 10 shortcuts for the whole 2 miles going up. One section of the trail had three shortcuts in row! That meant Nikki and I got a nice break while we waited for the slow (not to mention old(er)) people to show up. On the way we ran into a group of fat ladies who were huffing and puffing their way up. Hearing how loud the Huffs and Puffs were, I was surprised that they weren't blowing themselves down. There are really two peaks to this hike, the “chin”, and the “forehead”. We talked to some people on the “neck”, which has a picnic area, then continued to the chin. We didn't see anything in-between the forehead and the chin, so we can safely assume that the sleeping Giant is a Nose-less Sleeping Giant! (Or an Chin-less Sleeping Giant, depending on how you look at it.) When we were done looking at the view from the top of the chin, we started downwards when I discovered a cave. There was some air sweeping through, so this was obviously the Mouth. We ate lunch in the mouth, when I spotted the fat ladies on their way up. To get to the top you had to climb up a steep rock wall, and I decided to watch them. Most of them made it up, but the fattest just couldn't do it, so they all turned around and went back to the picnic area. When lunch was done, we sat around and talked, and were joined by two dogs, a black lab and a sort of Chihuahua. The way down was uneventful, except for the fact that we picked 16 passion fruits. This was a mistake, because the Mozzies had a chance to get us.

The second hike was twice as strenuous, but a bit shorter in milage. It was a really varied hike, going from Mozzie Country, to Bamboo Forest, to the Endless Stream. The trail started out normal on a dirt road, but then we had to cross a stream. After that, it was anything but normal. The bamboo forest began, and then we had to rock-climb up, follow a foot-wide path through a bamboo forest, then rock-climb down again, where the muddy bit began. Nothing exiting happened on the way up through the mud, but on the way back, well........ I'll talk about it later. After the mud came the part where we had to wade for a long time. Momma and Susan eventually disappeared. Nikki and I stopped at a point, and Papa and Ev found the promised waterfall, and proceeded to swim while Nikki and I splashed each other with rocks some 500 meters down the stream. On the way back, Nikki was the first to fall into the water, and I followed within a few minutes. When we arrived at the spot were we met momma and Susan, Nikki and I were soaked and both ladies were pissed at their husbands. On the way down we had two problems. The first was back at the mud. I walked around the pit because it had rained a lot and I figured I'd better be careful, but Nikki didn't step in the right spots. THRUOGHP went her foot. Her leg was in mud up till her knee. Papa grabbed her stick out of the mud, which made a funny sound when it came out, and he levered Nikki's foot out with it. When it came out it looked a pound or two heavier. In the bamboo forest on the way down, Nikki wanted to make it rain on momma by shaking some bamboo. When she was done I tossed her stick back to her when she was leaning forward. The stick heat her head with a hollow-sounding thunk. Nikki stood up and threw the stick at me full force, and gave me a bruise and a scratch that I still have today. When we got back to the car we ate lunch and went home.

I have been surfing a lot these days, and I have been turning into a bit of a hard core surfer, even going as far as calling Nikki a “Sponger”. There is a really nice surf break right in Nawiliwili Harbor that I frequent. The surf is good most of the time , and I recently caught the best wave of my life there. I used to hate the new red surfboard, but now that's the only one I ride. I always look forward to the time of day when we all go to the beach.