October 2004


15 October - Pacifica

We have been in Pacifica for 18 days now, after flying for almost 20 hours. I had my birthday while we were there, and since my birthday was on a Saturday, my party was on the same day. When I got there I was introduced to Warhammer 40K, a table top battle game set in the grim darkness of the far future. There are many different armies. First you build the models, then paint them, and then fight battles against other collectors. I chose to be Space Marines, a race of genetically enhanced humans fighting on the forefront of humanities battles. Without going into details, I'll say that I made a good choice. This game is also really expensive. A box of ten of my guys costs $30!

For my birthday party, we went bowling, and then we went to Round Table Pizza. The bowling was fun, but I was probably the worst because I had not bowled in a long time. I think that other people got high on adrenaline, because quite a few people we hyper during the pizza part. Nikki probably went the furthest, she stuffed Brae's face into her cake. After the party, James, Kaj, Jesse, Shay, and I watched Love Actually and Super Troopers.

On the 12th of October, we went to Chinatown with Steve and the homeschooling group. The trip was educational, as well as fun, a combination that is rarely seen. The highlight of the trip for me was the delicious lunch afterwards, but to spare you readers the drooling and to make the teacher happy I will talk more about the secondary highlight. On the way to the restaurant, we saw a funeral lead by the Green Street Band, and followed by stretched luxury cars. The Green Street band is a rare sight, as they are really expensive and only rich dudes can have that sort of funeral.

All in all these first few weeks have been really fun.