May 2004

7 May - No Visitors

It feels really... relaxing and normal now that we don't have any long term visitors anymore. It feels like the boat is more like a home again, not a hotel. I really liked having visitors, and it was fun to see people again, but having six or seven people on this boat gets a bit crazy. The best thing is that we can go to Pittwater again (I really like it there) . We discovered early on that Oma gets seasick really easily, so sailing for three to four hours on a swell wouldn't be a good idea. Sydney is also nice, but not nearly as much as Pittwater. I like Pittwater because it doesn't have the same frenzied city atmosphere as Sydney. Sydney makes me want to do something all the time, and all I want to do for a little while is RELAX!!!!!! The good thing about having opa and oma to visit was that we got to explore a lot more of Sydney and that we sailed to Middle Harbor, which is also really nice, even if it doesn't have a waterfall.

I will miss showing cool things to the Bruce and the boys, having Dutch breakfasts with opa and oma. I will miss endless hours playing Advance Wars with Kaj and Shay, even if momma disapproves of it. I will miss opa and oma's patience while listening to my ongoing ranting about cars. The coolest thing we did with opa and oma was going to Jenolan caves. Read my previous journal for more info. Generally, the advantage of having visitors outweigh the disadvantages.

Car and PC games news

Aston Martin DB9- Launched soon- really Beautiful and really fast. Website-

Mercedes-Benz SLK-launched soon- nice looking and fast.

Chrysler Crossfire- Available now - retro styling, fast.

Rolls-Royce Phantom-available soon – super luxury, huge V12

BMW 1 series – nice looking hatchback – coming soon

Warhammer 40000 PC game- looks awesome

17 May - Balmoral

Yesterday we stayed at Balmoral for the night. We wouldn't have gone there if Colin Gunn hadn't lived there. Colin is another person who is having an F-41 built for him by Steve Ikin, the same guy who did our boat. We took him for a sail, in which we sailed for the first time on Sydney harbor ON THE WEEKEND. It had about 7 boats per 100m2. It reminds me of Tokyo during rush hour (I've seen pictures of this), only on a larger scale. And then, of course, there are the ferries. In Sydney harbor, ferries have absolute right of way. Whenever a ferry comes throug the crowd, there is and instant scramble to get out of the way. Any boat that doesn't get of of the way in time is rammed... Just joking. Anyway, once we got back to Balmoral, Colin and Scott were on the verge of of a nervous break down... Just joking. Again. I dropped of Colin, Sue, Freya, and Nicoline at the dock, then I motored back to pick up the momma and papa. Freya has a really cute kitten named Beani. Nikki and I would throw a ball and watch her scamper after it. She ran into a wall a couple times. Normally I don't have an eye for houses, but when one stands out, I look. Colin's house is one of those. It has a real modern look, and has some nautical themes. After a while we saw Chicken Run. I had forgotten how funny it was. Right now we are going to Rozelle bay to send e-mails and see Troy.

I have seen a Jaguar E-type, Aston Martin DB7, a Bentley Continental, and a Jaguar XK8.

Book List

+ = Bad ++ = OK +++ = Good ++++ = Excellent

Skeleton Key By Anthony Horowitz ++++
Eagle Strike By Anthony Horowitz ++++
Scorpia By Anthony Horowitz ++++
Dune Messiah By Frank Herbert +++ A continuation of the Dune series. There are 6 in all. Frank was working on a seventh when he died.
Plains, Trains, and Elephants By Brian Thacker +++ A collection of adventures, told in a teenage humor way.
Vroom with a View By Peter Moore ++++ The story of a guy who goes from Milan to Rome on a 1961 Vespa.
Fermats Last Theorem By Simon Singh +++ The story of Fermats Last Theorem, the most perplexing math problem ever.
Prelude to Dune: House Atreidies By Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson ++++ A prelude to the story of Dune. It is written by Frank Herbert's son.
All of the books above and all the other books by Anthony Horowitz that I have reviewed are about Alex Rider, a fourteen year old boy who is used by MI6 as a spy.

17 May - The Australian Museum

A long time ago, in an anchorage far, far, away, there was a museum, an Australian Museum, and we went there. Actually, the museum wasn't right by the anchorage, but that would mess up the spoof on Star Wars. Any way, this museum was an Australian version of the Museum of Natural History in SF, but it wasn't underground. Quite the opposite in fact. It was rising up in the air for 3 tall stories. There is one room on the first floor that has a “Skeleton Hall”. This is where Nikki found a skeleton of a Kakapo, a flightless parrot. The next floor had a “Mineral Walkabout”. This exhibit had some really cool Minerals, including one rock that looked like it had a rainbow on it. On the floor above there was a room dedicated to Birds and Insects. The coolest thing about the Birds and Insects was that you could see all the way down to the Skeleton hall, on the ground floor. I liked the “Extinct Creatures Hall” the most. There was a life size model of an animal that looked like a gigantic, meat eating, Wombat!!!! It also had a model of a Moa, a gigantic bird that lived in New Zealand. The last ( and funniest) was a model of a giant Kangaroo. It look OK, but the balls were broken off and hanging by a thread! The exhibit that I found the most boring was the indigenous Australians. It was moderately interesting, and the only thing that saved it was all the interesting videos about Aboriginal people fighting for their rights. I would still rather go to the Museum of Natural History any day. The MONH in SF is better because IHMV and IIBAMI. (MONH= Museum of Natural History. IHMV= it has more variety. IIBAMI= it is bigger and more interesting.). For example, there are more live animals, lots of fishes, thing about space and a thing about earthquakes. The only things better about the AM are the overall layout and the resource room.. It is RETGL in the MONH in SF. RETGL = really easy to get lost.

Things I learned while I was there

  1. Some birds cannot fly because they don't have a Keel, which is a bone attached to the breast bone where the wing muscles attach to to pump the wings. Examples are Emu, Cassowary, Ostrich and Kakapo Parrot.

  2. Dolphins look like something out of the Jurassic without skin.

  3. Human-Horse-Dog is one of the most successful “mixed species flocks” to evolve.

  4. Graphite and Diamond are both made from Carbon. Graphite wasn't under pressure and Diamonds were.

  5. The character of a mineral is defined by its chemistry and by its crystal shape.

23 May - The Chinese Gardens of Friendship

Right now, were are in Broken bay,more specifically Pittwater, more specifically Careel Bay Marina. I am listening to Nikki go UUURGGGHHH, IAAAAARGGG,HUUUURRRRHHHHHHGGGG, like she is some sort of Yeti. Of course, some of you would find out that we were doing homework before I even say we were, because, 1. Nikki only makes those sounds when she does homework, and 2, I wouldn't be writing this if we weren't be doing homework. I would continue further, but this would make Nikki mad, and that is not the point of this journal.

A few days ago, while we were still in Sydney Harbor, Nikki, Momma, and I went to the Chinese Gardens Of Friendship and to Chinatown. The CGOF were better that the ones in SF, even though they were smaller. The Gardens were donated to Sydney by the Chinese, signifying the friendship between the two countries. Hence the Friendship part of the name. The Gardens are really well laid out, with a semi mountain, on which there were two waterfalls. The gardens had many different pagodas and rooms, each symbolizing a certain thing in the garden. For example, There was a “Clear View Pavilion” at the top of the hill. After we had seen the whole garden, we went to the Tea House to have tea and a cake. I had an oolong tea called the “Iron goddess of Mercy”, known in Chinese as Tieh-Kuan-Yin. Nikki had Shou-Mei, or “Old Mans Eyebrows”. Momma had a Jasmine tea. We all shared them and My favorite was the Jasmine.Once we left the Gardens we went into Chinatown. It was more Australian stuff for Chinese tourists than anything else. We did find some nice cups and some Jasmine tea.