March 2004

3 March - Warner Bros. Movie World

Yesterday Mamma Nikki and I went to Warner Bros. Movie World. It is a Disney Land sort of park, except this is for WB Movies, not Disney movies. “At least Disney Land does this theme-ing thing all out,” said momma on the way back,”There it looks good, even if it is fake-looking.”. There are three roller coasters, only two of them are good. Scooby Doo spooky Coaster, and Lethal Weapon, the only inverted roller coaster in Australia! My favorite rides were the Scooby Doo roller coaster and the Log Flume ride. The roller coaster was really well done, and instead of having a lift hill, it had a lift. When you got out, the car did a drop ... backwards! Then you got twisted around and went through a really fun section in a big warehouse. I went on this ride 10 times and I went on the log ride 3 times. Nikki did the Scooby Doo ride 12 times! The Log ride got you extremely wet, and was really well theme-d. The Lethal Weapon ride was good, but there was something about it that I didn't like. We also saw the Police Academy Stunt Show. In the beginning there was a clown, and he had just made a sword for a kid. Before he gave it to a kid, he spun around and pointed it at two kids and said “Arr!”. He made the little girl cry. Later on, he gave the girl a balloon animal. I would like to come here again, but since it was torture for momma, I won't ask to go again. The prices were also amazing. $37 for a kid, $58 for an Adult. This is another reason why I won't ask Momma to go again. Soon we are going to Wet 'n' Wild Water World. Also in Southport are amusement parks that are called Sea world and Dreamworld. You'd think they could come up with something that doesn't have “world” in it!

4 March - Homework

Yesterday, Nikki and I found out that we do homework better when we are home alone than when we are aren't home alone. Yesterday, momma and papa wentto the boat to work, while we did the work momma assigned us. We got 5 different things done while they were gone, and when they got back, I did math with papa. In math right now, I am getting pretty good at algebra. I still need help once in a while, but I am starting to remember all the manipulations. I have also written a short story over the last month or so. Look for it when this is on the web.

5 March - The Storm and the Aftermath

Two nights ago, there was a really gnarly storm here. It went on for the whole night. The winds were forecasted to be 130 km an hour. We also heard there was 6 meter swells out in the ocean. It was almost an cyclone. When I woke up, the window had a lot grass and leaves on it, the wind had plastered them on. This is one of the times when I was happy we weren't on the top floor.

The coolest thing was that in the morning there was about 2 meters of sea foam on the beach and along the edge of the water. We walked down to the beach and played with other kids in the foam. The object was to crouch down whenever there was a big wave coming, and when the wave hits the foam, to be right there. When the wave would hit the foam, you'd have this huge wave of foam come at you. You would go under the foam, then the full force of the water would hit you. The waves originate from six meter swells further out, so they are really strong. Nikki and I both got swept of our feet countless times. The really neat thing about the foam is that if someone fell in it, there would be this mini-explosion. There would be this thwuuk-sort of sound accompanying the explosion, then you would disappear from sight. Another cool thing is when you have your back to the foam wave, you could keep your eyes open and you would see this really cool tunnel of foam. You did have to keep your mouth shut, as the foam tastes worse than sea water. I wish we would have storms like this every week.

11 March - Wet 'n' Wild Water World

Two days ago We went to Wet 'n' Wild. It is the fourth time we have been there. The 2 new things were Whirlpool, a ride that looked better than it actually was, and Double Screamer was open. Whirlpool is a round pool that has little jets in it, which makes you spin around. It is really quite lame, considering the ads made it look really cool. Double Screamer is a ride which is quite unconventional for a water slide. instead of on a tube, you sit on plastic boards, which take you down a slide at a 50 degree angle. After 2 seconds of butterflies-in-your-stomach, you come to the splash down zone, where you skim on the water, before coming to a halt near the conveyor belt that takes the heavy sleds up. The only downside of this system is that if you wipe out near the beginning of the you have to walk quite a ways in the water. We also went on Speed Coaster, which takes you down a tunnel and up a slide on the end, then you go down that slide to the middle of the ride where a lifeguard throws the raft to the next person. Next up was Super Eight Aqua Racer. It is like those carnival slides which race 8 people, except this one was a water slide. Also there was a laser thingamabob that tells you who got first, second, third, fourth, ... . I got first three times. We also found out that Twister, the claustrophobic, twisting slide was fun if you put your hand over your mouth so you could breath without breathing in water too. We went on Twister 3 times. We also went on the White Water Flumes, and Terror Canyon. Lastly we went on Mammoth River, the biggest water slide in Australia. I think that water parks wear off the fun factor by 10% each time you go, unless there is a new ride, which in decreases the fun factor by only 5%. This is what I think.

The next day was labored away for 4 hours polishing the boat and scrubbing away the dead sea life from the hull. Next to us was a South African boat, whose owner's wife hadn't yet realized that scrubbing her boat was futile. She must have figured it out that there was so much boat dust in the yard that washing her boat just made it worse, because when we left for lunch at 2:00 she didn't bother to clean her boat a third time.

17 March - The Duck Pond

The Duck pond = Turtle Bay times 2.

It is really that crowded. The duck pond is a man-made Harbour. It is about half the size of Turtle Bay, but the boats:space ratio is probably much larger. It would be like 6:100. The water is constant 2.5-3 meters deep, and it is quite clear compared to the water in front of the pacific fair, 2.5 km away. Nikki and I have already taken many spins in the dinghy. We have gone to shore numerous times, and the coolest was when Nikki and I went to shore and played a jumping game. There was this small bank, which sloped too. First we made a small square, patted it down, then walked up to jump. The object was to land in the square, or as close to it as you could. Each person got two turns, the person with the most points at the end of the game wins. Today we are planning on doing the usual homework gulog, then make a 3km trip to the Australia Fair.

17 March - The Coffs Harbor Pier

In Coffs Harbor, within easy walking distance, is a beach. And on the beach is a pier that rises 20 feet above the water. I bet you could imagine how fun that is for us. There are two different placers to jump from. One is the full twenty feet of the jetty from the top of the railing, or you can wimp out and climb underneath the railing and onto one of the many studs that stick out. To get up, you have to push yourself onto a slime and barnacle encrusted stair, which takes you an to a platform. From there you take a long walk up the stars to the top where you can jump of the top. I saw two people do backflips of of the top. Tomorrow I would like to go there again, except if it is raining.

24 March


Yesterday we saw Sarafina, a movie set in South Africa during their state of emergency, in 1986. High School students staged a revolt because they started to realize that they weren't being treated fairly by the Apartheid laws. Over 700 students were killed, and over 10000 were held and interrogated. I think that their history teacher had a part in opening their eyes to their condition, because she taught them history from a black persons perspective. We watched this movie because it was in my curriculum. I think this movie is a nice movie. It is really touching, but there are also some good funny parts. I recommend this movie for anybody wishing to learn more about this time in history.

Book Ratings This is my third book rating. The next one will be June-ish.

Stormbreaker By Anthony Horowitz ++++
Point Blanc By Anthony Horowitz ++++
Star Wars NJO: The Unifying Force By James Luceno ++++
Planet of Twilight By Barbara Hambly ++
The Eye of the World By Robert Jordan ++++
The Bomb By Theodore Taylor
X-Wing The Krytos Trap By Micheal Stachpole ++++
The Immortals series By Tamora Pierce ++++
Song Of the Lioness series By Tamora Pierce ++++
Protector of the Small series By Tamora Pierce ++++
Old Man and the Sea By Earnest Hemmingway ++

All books by Tamora Pierce have girls as main characters. Beside from this these are extremely good books. I think boys will have no trouble finding violence and good humor in them. The three main characters are Daine in the Immortals Alanna in the Song of the Lioness, and Keladry in The Protector of the Small.

31 March - The Cave and the Dam

Right now we are in Broken Bay, 15 NM North of Sydney. The towns are really “cute” and scenery is “Amazing”. I still cant tell a “cute” town from a “normal” town, and “Amazing” scenery form “Nice” scenery. but, I have to say, this coast does look cool.

While we were in Refuge bay, we went to a waterfall right on the water. There is a “trail” leading up. Eventually we reached a spot where we had to climb up some rocks. After 15 ,minutes of bouldering, we got to a great big slab of rock. I was the first up, and I notice these holes. I found a crevice. I jumped around to the other side and I found a cave! I told Nikki and she immediately went in. Once I was in we stayed until the slower climbers (momma and papa) caught up. When papa came up to the top he saw my head coming out of the grou[nd. I told Papa what it was and he saw the opportunity for a picture. He made us pose for ANOTHER PICTURE! WHEN DOES IT END!!!!!

Later on we moved the boat to right in front of the waterfall. Once we had settled down Nikki and I went snorkeling. We saw a pufferfish, 3 rays, I saw a fish that looked like a leaf of Seaweed. The next day Nikki and I snorkeled to the beach, where we started making a dam across the little stream from the waterfalls. Eventually papa joined us and helped us. soon the whole stream was blocked. There was still a little area where there was no dam, so I built one so it would stop leaking. The water level rose to about a foot and a half above sea level. Then, bam! there was a little hole which progressively got bigger until there was no more dam, only a hole with walls around it. The part that had the most pressure on it was not the one that broke, because we thought ahead an reinforced that section with sticks. The part that broke was probably the not the worst constructed part of the dam, but it was pretty shabby, and that put together with the fact that it had some pressure on it spelled doom for the people of Waterfall Dam, who stupidly built their town down river of the dam.