June 2004


1 June - Ye Olde Vintage Car Show in Akuna Bay

While we were staying in Akuna Bay, in Pittwater, there happened to be a vintage car show while we were there. Officially you would call a vintage car a car that was build during the period between 1914 to 1930. This being Australia, nobody pays strict attention to this particular rule. There were a couple newer cars, but the most common ones were the ones from the 1915ish era. There was a Ford model T, and countless Rolls Royces were displayed. The nicest old car was a MG from the 1930's. Among the newer cars, the newest and most expensive was a Bentley Continental Azure, a 200,000 dollar (remember, these are Ozzie dollars) luxury convertible car. The coolest one was a Ferrari Daytona from the 1970's, of which only 1,426 were built!!!!!

The 11k hike

The day before the car show, we went on a long, long hike to a gigantic slab of rock with aboriginal carvings on it. The easiest ones to see were an Emu and some shields. The rock had moss growing out of it in some places, and these moss beds had little bushes growing out of them. So if you were to lie down, the bushes would make it look like a forest, which I did. See the website for pictures. By the time we got within sight of the marina again, I suddenly realized I couldn't run. My mind would say “RUN, RUN FOR CHRISTS SAKE!” and my legs would be like ”You have GOT to be kidding”.

7 June - Playing on the LAN

While we were in Newcastle, I played a Multiplayer game on the computer for the first time. No, not on our computer, but at an internet cafe called: The Battleground. It is more of a gaming room thingy-ma-bobber. They have about twenty games to choose from. Most of them were multi player-only games, but a couple, like GTA3 and Call of Duty, were single player-only games. My favorite is Battlefield 1942. You chose between Axis or Allied teams, then you fight together online*. You can also fly planes and jump into tanks, and, if the Desert Combat mod is working, you can fly helicopters as well. So far I have been on two two hour stints, “wasting”(as momma would say) 18 dollars. See, the way it works is the fist time you play, you get the first hour free, then it is six dollars an hour after that. I think that it isn't that expensive. Soon, momma will give papa a Cranial-sacral therapy, and she'll give us some money to go for a couple hours. I just can't wait...

Right now, it is cheaper to buy a game in the US than in Oz. A brand new game in Oz is around 90 dollars, and at the current exchange rate, that's 63 American dollars. And the average price for a brand new game in the US is 50 dollars when I last looked. There it is.

* There is also an Instant battle option, so you don't have to have internet to play.

11 June - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Finally! A Harry Potter movie that doesn't skimp out on the scary stuff, and one that doesn't make Hogwarts look like some gay gathering place. The actors all look more like I imagined them to be when I first read the book. The werewolf was really well done, and it looked like a hairless, wolf-snouted, monkey. Another thing that was well done were the Dementors. They actually made the Dementors scary, but the Kiss wasn't what I expected. I thought that the lake was on a grassy field, not in a forest. another good thing was the Hippogriff. They looked really realistic. One of the faults that I noticed was when Malfoy got slashed by Buckbeack, the Hippogriff. In the book, Malfoy had already touched Buckbeak, when he got slashed. In the movie, Malfoy got slashed before he had even bowed. Besides from these faults, this is a much more enjoyable movie than the other two.

14 June - Nobby's Head

A few days ago we went on a walk to Nobby's Head. It was a really long walk, like 5 or 6 k's. Nobby's head is the southern part of the entrance to Newcastle Harbor. You can walk all the way to the tip of the breakwater. Right by the start is a sign: “Warning. Some waves may break over walls. it is strongly advised not to walk here during large swell.” Or something like that. The next day, Nikki and I scooter-ed to the Gaming Cafe, and spent two hours there. I tried out “Need for Speed: Underground”, and I loved it. You start out with a standard car, which you then upgrade to make it look nothing like the original. I started out with a Honda Civic, but then I switched it for a Mazda MX-5. My car is black with white tear stripes on the sides, and I have red wheels and a red spoiler. The races are also handled differently than other racing games. There are many different types, and they just pop up at random. My favorites are Drag and Drift. In drag, you just go in a straight line and have to shift at exactly the right moments to win. In Drift there is a simple course where you are required to skid sideways for as long as possible. All in all, a really good game. I am hoping to play there again today.