August 2003

13 August

Welcome back to my section of the journal. Last night I went to the local skate park while Nikki and momma went to do the laundy and groceries. In my skate park guide to Queensland it got a 1 star rating, which is the worst. I can see why. The transitions on the ramps are very sharp. Thankfully that is only one part of the park. The halfpipe is ok, but they used bad concrete so it is very rough. And part #3? Part #3 is the only good part of the park. It has a semi-circular, open ended bowl that spines into two sloping Quarterpipes, and a funbox with two different parts to it. One is 4 feet high with coping and the other is 2 feet high without coping. Well that's it explaining about the skate park. I was jumping the funbox and when I landed I heard a snap. I decided to check it out. It turned out that I had broken the scooter. It's a good thing I did because when I jumped out of the park the scooter collapsed on me.

13 August

Hello and welcome back. We didn't do much yesterday except buy new scooters 'cause we broke the other ones. Nikki's is ok, but I nearly snapped the back of mine. I also sprained a finger while jumping a gap, but it isn't that bad. While I have the chance I would like to tell you of someyhing we did before we started the journal. It's called the Ekka. It is basically a county fair, on an extreme size. It had a lot of animal -related stuff. It covers two city blocks and a park. They have a rollercoaster and a lot of rides that flip you up-side down. We went on something like Typhoon at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The ride was the same, except it was floor-less, and it went on forever . We also went into a funhouse, and the rollercoaster. The rollercoaster is different because when you go around the really sharp bends the car will spin. Ekka also had an arena that gave shows on MX motocycles going off a thirty- foot ramp. And finally, they had people driving cars driving bumper to bumper to bumper and going off jumps. It was an awesome fair and I will never forget it.

17 August

Hello everyone reading our site. Nicoline and I will be having a daily Journal that will be posted on the website. Right now we are one day ahead of you, so remember that you will always be reading our pages a day or two after we have have actually written. This will not always be true. Once we reach Japan and head over to Alaska the hours in-between will become shorter and shorter until we are in your time zone. Now enough of this babble, lets get on with the journal!

Today is the 17 of August. Yesterday our boat got pulled out of the water so we could put new paint on her hulls. The day was the most labor full day we've had so far. First we had to sand off the waterline with hand sanders. Later we had to wash off all the dust created by the sanding. Then... Lunch!!!. After that we painted the first layer. After both hulls were painted we had to scrape off all the propellors and replace the zincs. Then we painted the second layer and the daggerboards. And finally dinner.

We went to sushi train for dinner, a rather good chain restaurant, and to bed at 9:30. The next morning Nikki got definite signs of a cold, and I have typed today's journal.

28 August

Hello and welcome back to my journal. Yesterday we went to Wet and Wild Waterworld. It is basically a park like Waterworld usa in San Jose, except less advanced. When I say this I mean that it is old. Coincidentally, the most exciting ride is also the oldest. It is called “Double Screamer”. It is a very simple ride, It goes staight for 60 feet. The only catch is that it goes straight at a 50 degree angle. There is no water on the track because the cars are plastic and waxed on the bottom. The end result at the water is a 30 miles-an-hour skid on top of the water in which you steer your craft to the side to be brought up to the top again via conveyor belt. The worst ride is a no brainer. Twister. The name is self-explanetary. The ride is two tubes that intertwine in a very nausiating way. It is also so dangerous that you hve to lie down with your feet crossed and hands behind your head. When you're in the ride your feet kick up so much water that gets up into your nose. All the other rides are really fun.