Nicoline Meyer


(assignment with Science curriculum)


Flower seed: Seed

Earth worm: Earthy

Rabbit: Sunflower

Ladybug: Dorothy

Chapter One: Seed

One day a farmer planted a sunflower seed. That was the beginning of Seed. When he was one month old, he met Earthy. Since Seed didn't have a mother, like all seeds don't, he didn't know a thing. Earthy came up to Seed and said: “Are you the new sunflower seed?”. Seed replied: “Yes, I just got planted a month ago”. Earthy and Seed got to become very good friends. One day when Earthy came to visit, he saw nothing but roots and a nice green stem. Seed had started to grow into a flower. “Why did you have to go?”, asked Earthy. After that Earthy never went there again.

Chapter Two: Seed's New Home

When Seed woke up, he was somewhere different. Was he still dreaming? He didn't know. When he lifted up his head, he saw a leaf! Where was he?

Chapter three: Seed finds out.

One day, after Seed had gotten used to his surroundings, he met Sunflower. Sunflower was a rabbit, who obviously loved sunflowers. Now, one day Sunflower walked by Seed. “Finally,” said Seed. Sunflower started to pick his stem out of the ground, but before she finished, Seed suddenly screamed: “Stop. Can you tell me where I am?” Sunflower jumped at that and said:” Sorry, I thought you were dead. You looked very dry.” “I do feel dry. Why, what does that mean?”
“It means that you are almost dead.”
“How come I life here, and where am I?”
“You live on land and not under ground anymore. To live here you need water and sunshine.”
And so Seed met Sunflower. Seed followed Sunflowers advise, and searched for water with his roots. Sunflower helped by bringing some water every day.

Chapter four: Seeds meets Dorothy.

After a few days Seed was back to normal when he felt something climbing up his stem. He said:” Please stop so I can see you.”
“Please don't kill me. I'm only a lady bug and I'm eating aphids off you.”
“Climb on one of my leaves so I can see you.” So the ladybug climbed on a leaf and introduced herself. “ I'm Dorothy, what's your name?” “My name is Seed.” That is how Seed met Dorothy. So now Seed lives happily in a garden where Sunflower and Dorothy help him live.

Chapter five: Surprise.

You'll never know, Seed and his friends might be in your garden!