Report on Parrots

About Birds

All birds have some things in common. All birds have feathers, hollow bones, and scaly legs. Even flightless birds have hollow bones and feathers. All birds have beaks, but the beaks vary in size, shape, and color depending on the use. Sometimes there is more than one color in the beak. Take the toucan, for example. The large beak of the toucan has three or four colors on its beak. The following are some colors that are common on lots of multicolored beaks: orange, red, green, and blue.


Here are three things that make parrots different from other birds: two toes pointed forward and two toes point backward, a curved beak like a hawks beak (even though parrots do not eat meat), and very colorful plumage. Parrots live mainly in the southern hemisphere or in tropical regions. They live in Australia, Asia, Africa, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand.

Most parrots eat seeds or fruit from the ground or from the trees. Some parrots never even leave the trees, so they only eat the fruits that are still on the tree. When eating, a parrot makes full use of its beak and foot by holding the food in its foot and breaking the shell with its beak, or by just bringing the food to its mouth with its foot.

The largest parrot is called the Hyacinth Macaw. It needs large territories. It only lays one or two eggs (this is called having a low reproductive rate). It is supposed to be easy to capture one.

The smallest parrot is the Buff Faced Pygmy Parrot. I know nothing more about it because I haven't been able to find anything more about it so far.

The noisiest parrot has to be the Rainbow Lorikeet. They like to hang around in groups of fifty or more and roost together into the thousands. Their plumage is very colorful.

The strangest bird is undoubtedly the Kakapo, or Owl Parrot. It was once thought be be extinct. It lives in New Zealand, and it can not fly because it has no keel. A keel is what enables birds to fly because this is part of the chest where the muscles from the wings attach to. The Kakapo is heavier than other Parrots and it is nocturnal. The Kakapo has a strange way of eating. First it chews until al the juices are gone, then they spit out the remains of the fruit.

I like parrots because they are colorful and smart. I think they are beautiful, but they can also be really noisy and annoying. I like to sit and watch them. I have seen of lot of parrots at zoos and at wildlife parks. I have also seen a lot of them in the wild. They fascinate me.