Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette is a famous French queen because she was a queen during the French Revolution in seventeen eighty nine. “The Royal Diaries. Marie Antoinette, Princess of Versailles” tells about Marie Antoinette when she was thirteen to fifteen of age. She was a princess of Austria, as her mother was the Empress of the Holy Roman Empire. Marie Antoinette's mother was for ever involving her self in Marie Antoinette's business.

When Marie Antoinette was young she always misplaced things. One thing she hated most of all was sleeping on a wooden block to preserve hairdos that had taken 4 hours to complete. She also thought that letting people watch her dress was ridiculous. I think that Marie Antoinette was very lively when she was young. She didn't like all the confines that come with being a princess, meaning that she wouldn't mind being a commoner in Austria. She loved horse back riding and didn't mind if she got dirty. Marie Antoinette also loved sledding with her niece Titi, who died when she was still young.

Knowing Marie Antoinette from the book she seemed very bright and smart but hated learning new things. The one thing that nobody though about was training her to be a good queen. So when the king died and Louis was crowned king, Louis and Marie were not ready to be king and queen. I don't think that Marie Antoinette was spoiled and she certainly was educated. But she could have had some teaching on how to become a good queen, by her mother. How the king (at the time that Marie was Dauphine) died makes me think that maybe the king was poisoned and somebody wanted the French Revolution to happen so that he or she could gain power.