Nicoline's Favorite Moments
Nicoline's Favorites

A snake on the boat

One night we had a snake on the boat . “Karin, why don't you undo the sail ties.” Papa's knowledge of snakes is unbelievable. Sure enough when momma undid the sail ties there it was, a big carpet snake. Luckily it had not noticed momma so papa asked momma got this picture. Momma sent Tristan and me in to the cabin before papa raised the sail. I felt sad because I really like snakes, and I had identified it as a constrictor, so it wasn't poisonous. Mama just wasn't quite willing to trust me, because we were in Australia. Australia is known to have the most species of poisonous snakes, and we don't know them all. In the end I came out of the cabin anyway, to watch papa untangle it from a stanchion to throw it overboard.

Drinking coconuts

Momma and papa were definitely dimdims. They had us climb all the way up to the top of Samarai in the middle of the day! It was the tropics so in the middle of the day it was about 35 degrees C. Thankfully there was a small breeze and at the top a nice man gave us three fresh coconuts to drink. Normally I hate coconuts but this was a very good coconut: this was actually for drinking. The kind of coconut that you get in the stores in the States are actually "meat coconuts". If you want a drinking coconut you need to go to the tropics and climb up a big hill in the middle of the day, then the natives will give you a coconut because they feel sorry that your such a dimdim.

Karin and Nicoline climbing Mt. Gower

fun..... dangerous...... crazy....... YES!! Well not exactly crazy, but challenging. But in some places ... well ... even more than challenging. A little path right on the ledge of a cliff which is about 600 feet above the water with no safety line, except for a rope that is nailed in to the wall of the mountain. With one trip or fall you're dead: you're feeding yourself to the sharks. I like this kind of stuff because it really gives me a adrenaline rush. We are on Lord Howe Island. An very isolated island, right in the middle of the Tasman Sea, the place where the “Able Tasman Weight-loss Program” takes place (throwing up because of big waves, strong winds, forgetting not to eat certain things, that kind of stuff).

Snorkling around Isle of Pines

Interesting way of snorkeling. We are in New Caledonia, on Isle des Pins. We wanted to check out the snorkeling but weren't ready to get in the water. You have to know that, even though this is in the tropics, it is winter there in August, so it can actually still be very chilly. We decided to get on the surf boards instead and wear goggles to look at the coral that way. The water was very clear so all we had to do was look for some colorful spots. Once we found one we would stick our heads in the water to see what it looked like. Part of the attraction to include this picture is how the name papa gave it makes this moment very funny.