Nicoline Meyer

Book Report

Book Name: Lady Knight

Author: Tamora Pierce


It's about a girl called Kel who is finally a knight. She has passed the terrifying Ordeal, the last test as a squire. Now she faces the real thing: Tortall is at war.

The Scanran Raiders have united under King Maggur's banner to form an army. They are invading. People are running away from the Northern border. Kel's post is the border refugee camp, Haven. The Scanran and their monstrous weapons start attacking the camp several times, killing soldiers and refugees. While she is away seeing her commander, her camp is attacked, and all of the surviving refugees are taken hostage. Tobe, her servant, rides the long ride to Fort Mastiff to report that the camp has been under siege. Kel returns to the camp, finds all the refugees dead or gone, and decides to find them. She disobey the command of her superior and takes off after the refugees. A group of her friends join her along the way. They free all the grown-up refugees first, but not any children. It turns out that the monstrous weapons are made from the souls of dead children. They find the children in a castle, where Kel kills the evil mage, and his guard dog. After everyone is freed, they go home, and build a new refugee camp in a better protected location. Kel decides to call it “New Hope”.

Kel's Characteristics

* She likes animals. She even talks to animals, and they understand her. Daine, the wild mage, is a wizard who can transform herself into an animals body and talk to animals. She is the one who makes it that the animals can understand humans, and humans the animals. The animals that are always with her are Jump, her dog, and the sparrows Nari, Arrow and their flock. They also fight and scout for her. Kel's war horse, Peachblossom, is one of Kel's best friends, and he is very tall and strong.

* She is brave. As the commander of a refuge camp she has an enormous amount of responsibility and she will defend her people with her last breath.

* She is generous and believes in treating people fairly, no matter what their rank is. Refugees are commoners, usually treated poorly by nobles. Kel doesn't believe in that. She treats them as equals, she does the same workload as everyone else, and she trains them to be soldiers.

* She is nice to her friends, and tries to not get them in trouble for helping her when she is not following orders. The fact that they helped her is because they are loyal to her and she to them.