May 2005

16 May 2005 - Hilo: An account of what we have done so far

When we arrived in Hilo it was only a matter of five days until my birthday. On my birthday we had champagne with frozen strawberries with pancakes for breakfast. Later, with tea, we had my favorite cake mix, which is only obtainable in the Netherlands, with the most unhealthy frosting on top. “This is a breach of moma's health code! Call in the backup! The kids are bombarding it!” **Chuckles** So true. For my birthday dinner we went to Cafe Pesto. Momma and Papa found out about Cafe Pesto 8 years ago on their 10th anniversary to the Big Island. I loved it.

We finally got the Christmas present that mama and papa had promised: we went to a hotel for two days!**yells out in happiness** There were tv's in each room so Tristan and I melted our brains until they became so much like soup we could hear them sloshing around in our heads. “Yummy, soup!”**looks really disgusted** “What?” The best part about these days off (except the tv) was that we got to see real molten lava. Papa joked about bringing hot dogs, buns, and all the other condiments that are needed to make a hot dogs so he could cook them over the lava and sell the for 5 dollars a piece. He would dub them LAVA DOGS **voice echoes** (I'm copying this from my other journal.) Duh! (Echo, echo!) The only thing that I don't like about seeing the lava was that it was a very long hike to get there. Well, it wasn't the longest hike we have ever done but because the ground was so uneven it took a lot more energy than expected. One thing that I thought was an interesting fact was that when we finally walked on flat surfaces I seemed to stumble and actually fell down once because we were all so used to walking on uneven ground that it seemed to be unnatural to be on flat ground. This episode of exercise took place on first day in Volcanos. On the second day we first went to explore the Thurston Lava tube. One part of the tube was lit and the other part had been explored but was not lit. We went in both of them, which we could do because we had brought flashlights. After this adventure we had to go on another longer hike that was not exactly during the right time. The day was at it's hottest! We hiked through Kilauea Iki Crater. This crater last erupted in 1959 into huge fountains of lave. There are pictures of this on an information board. Steam is still seeping through the crater floor.

In Hilo there is a really cold pool that all the natives of Hilo gather to swim in after school and work to be refreshed and cooled. Tristan and I, of course, have to find the coolest and highest place to jump. The ice pool (as it is named) does not have the best places to jump.

A week or so later we discovered the Boiling Pots. The Boiling Pots are a series of ponds that are connected to each other by water falls. There are a whole bunch of places that are really cool to jump from. I named all of the places that you can jump from and also a few other places. Devils Drop,(this is the biggest jump), Dogs Stairs, Nose Rock, Indians Play, My Boat's Bow, Cold Fountain, Jr's Slide,Jr's Dive, Mermaids Grotto, Daredevils Valley, and Silent Pools.

So far the stay in Hilo has been a blast.

30 May 2005 - Friends in Hilo

About two days before we had planned to leave Hilo we met Don, Susan, Joanna, and Rebecca. Their boat's name is Gambit. They have a 50 foot boat and a 25 horse power dinghy. I mention this dinghy because we only have a 5 horsepower motor and go soooooooooooooooo slow. Rebecca, like me, loves to play games. They have lots of games. One of the ones I liked the most was called Careers. They also had Monopoly and Mancala. The day we met them we were invited over for a sundowner. The sundowner consisted of drinking a bit of beer or wine and exchanging stories – for the Parents. For the Kids it was playing games and playing on the computer.

The next day we invited Rebecca and Joanna to come with us to the Boiling Pots. They accepted. The first thing we did when we got to the Boiling Pots was go down to the Silent Pools. They did The First Jump but did not do The Cathedral. I can understand that because it is very high and you need to jump in the direction of the waterfall otherwise you will hit shallower water and most likely break an foot or leg. The nice thing is that to get to the Silent Pools you do not need to jump off The Cathedral. We can climb down a not so steep cliff and still get there. As soon as we got down, we went further than Tristan and I ever went before. We went so far we could not go any further! At the end of where we could go there was a huge waterfall that Tristan wanted to jump off. Thankfully I talked him out of it. It looked like there was a way to get back up but there was only one way to test it and if there wasn't **pondering** well, it would be a long hitchhike back. When we were finished playing and it was getting too late, we drove back and played lots of games on Gambit.

That night we invited them for a dinner of spaghetti. While the Parents went to our boat to exchange more stories. More did you say?! Jeeze! They must have a lot of stories to tell. Why did they never tell us them? Maybe they have R rated parts in their stories. We Kids were left to fend for ourselves, while at the same time we played games! I guess that they thought that we could double task. Come on! Double tasking is for Parents!( or triple tasking! Even quadruple tasking! They can do it all. Hey, that would be a cool ad for a future in which Kids could buy Parents to do their chores for them!) The next day, after a morning of homework, we were invited to go to the library and the Boiling Pots once again. What made this trip different was that an actual adult came with us to the Silent Pools. After we came back, Tristan and I went to our boat to eat dinner, play on the computer, and get ready to leave. We had borrowed some computer games so we went to their boat to give them the computer games back and see if they wanted to come over to our boat and play a game. They said that it was just fine if we played a game on their boat. So for the last time in Hilo we played a game of Careers. I enjoyed the company of Gambit and hope that we will see them again.

31 May 2005 - Maui

The passage to Maui was acceptable. We left around 9:30 pm. We sailed though the night and until the late afternoon to arrive at Makena at 4:00pm. As soon as we thought that we were firmly anchored Tristan and I jumped in the water to play and see if the anchor was set. Which it wasn't. We spent the next 30 minutes finding a sand patch to anchor in and trying to set the anchor in it. The two nights we stayed in Makena we spent snorkeling and having lots of fun jumping off the boom. On the last day at Makena we went to the point of the bay to snorkel. I think that we got spoiled with good coral in Australia. Because I think that the coral in Makena was hardly worth a medal. There were some very colorful fish, big turtles and sea urchins. Aaaaaaaaaand I give you......... a TWENTY DOLLAR BILL!!!!!!! Seriously, I really found a 20 dollar bill. But papa was the one who went in a sea urchin filled cave and got it. Papa kept on joking that giant moray eels put 20 dollar bills in front of their caves to lure 11 year old children in so that they can eat them. “Yeah right Papa.” He also kept asking for his salvage fee. I had to give 7 dollars to Tristan. Dang.

The last day in Makena (as described above) was all snorkeling. After breakfast on the third morning in Makena, we left to go to Lahaina. Tristan and I were eager to go to Lahaina because momma had promised that we could go to a hotel for a few days. It was a good thing that momma said that because this anchorage was extremely rocky. The hotel was called Lahaina Inn. Moma knew that it was a nice hotel because Susan (from Let'r Buck) had stayed there and recommended it. It was a very old looking hotel and was cute. The rooms were small and because of this, and because how the beds and such were positioned, they were really cozy. The hotel didn't have TV in each separate room but they had one in a sort of communal room. We saw so much TV and played on the computer so much( we brought the computer with us to the hotel) that we fried our brains so much they were like deep fried shrimp. On the second to last day in Lahaina we saw the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Seeing the movie inspired me to read the book and when I did read the book I noticed many differences. Even if there were many differences the movie was still extremely funny. After the movie we went to Haagen Dazs for some ice cream and milk shakes. Momma and I got a chai shake, papa got a sorbet shake and Tristan got an banana split. Papa says that we will never have Haagen Dazs again because it was so expensive. On the day that we left we got ice cream again. Tristan went to the Dairy Queen and got a Moo Latte and I went to a litte Dippin' dots vendor and got an chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Getting ice cream is so special, because there is hardly ever enough room in our freezer to have ice cream in it.

We are currently positioned in Honolua Bay. Its main residents happen to be Dolphins. It is also the holiday resort for Foreign Fishes and People – like from other Bays. Its secondary residents happen to be Cruisers, Fish and Tourists. If you are considering going on a holiday think about going to Honolua Bay.