March 2005

8 March 2005 - Big Waves and Lu'au

Big Waves

Yesterday we went to Hanalei Bay to see the big waves that were reported by NOA weather station. In our experience, NOA is notorious for being wrong about forecasting, so we brought our surfboards along, just in case the surf was good. When we arrived there, we saw that the surf looked spectacular ... only the waves had about a 60 to 65 foot high face around the reef just outside of the Bay. Even inside the Bay it was about 40 feet tall! So ... the surf was way too big to surf on. Even though it was too big to surf on, it was absolutely fun to watch the waves roll in. We stood at the end of the Pier for a while, and had to jump back several times to avoid getting wet. We had lunch watching the surf, then we went down to Queens Bath. We went there with Ev and Susan several weeks ago, but this time it was so big that we couldn't even walk that far along the cliffs. We stayed close to the end of the trail and we were sitting on a ledge right before the rocks where the waves brake on. Some really big waves almost splashed us all wet.

The Touristy Attraction.

Against Tristan's arguments, complaints and wishes we finally went to a touristy attraction: a Lu'au. Of all the touristy attractions a Lu'au has to be the best. A Lu'au is an Hawaiian feast, centered around digging up a pig that has been roasting on hot coals underneath the ground, and on a show. The best part of a Lu'au is the food, I think. My favorites were the purple sweet potatoes and the beef teriaki. The show that we saw after dinner was about the history of the different cultures that came to Hawaii over its history. It had dances and music from those cultures. I already knew a lot about this because we are doing a report on Hawaii.

24 March 2005 - The MIRFH

(Mozzie Infested Really Fun Hike)

Yesterday my family and I went on the MIRFH (for translation see underneath the title). The reason that I named it that is because the area we hiked in was absolutely infested with viscous mozzies that seem to be oblivious to mozzie repellent. The downside is that I now have 75 mozzie bites of various sizes. The upside is that we saw 4 big toads an one little one that Tristan and I held. Another upside is that we played in the most tubular pond with a rope swing. Along the various little side trails we hiked we saw lots of marks left by huge wild pigs. I saw one pig hoof in the mud that was about the size of my hand! The original objective of the hike was to get to Kipu Falls. Since the guide book is a bit vague on how to get there, we spend most of our time trying to find the trail, exploring while we were looking. We couldn't find it in the end, we ended op in front of a gate and a “Private Property – Kapu” sign a couple of times, so we decided to go to a smaller waterfall that had a better marked trail. This is where we swung from the rope and swam in the pool.

26 March 2005 - A New Friend

We met some new friends on Kaua'i, in the beautiful state of Hawai'i. Their names are John, Haley and Evan Davison. We know them because John is the brother of the husband of papa's ballet teacher from Colorado. The other friends we met are papa's old ballet teacher and her family. Their names are Ana, Peter, Alex and Claire, and RD and Nan Davison, the grandparents.

We liked Wahi'awa so much
we had to go back for a second touch.
The Kaua'i Davisons came to the Bay,
so we hiked to pick them up, yay!
Guess what we found along the way?
Wild Cherry tomatoes, hurray!
Showing Evan little frogs in the creek,
being shy and really meek.
When they walked to their car up the cliff
We all let out a sniff.
Later we had to leave the Bay in the middle of the night,
so motoring out was definitively a fright.

One of the things that was a delight,
was taking hot showers at the Davisons' house, it felt just right.
They have lots of pets, I have to say
the cats and dogs really love to play.
I can't forget the finches which really sing and prance,
and Opus, the parrot, who likes to dance.

With all the Davisons at Anini Beach we spend all day.
If anyone asks if we had a good time, “Yay”, we will all say.
The animals were all great,
however, the coral didn't rate.
I found some coconuts to paint on,
so Claire, Evan and I did this sitting on the lawn.
Two days later we all went for a sail,
and we were so excited to see a whale's tail.
I had lots of crystals so I showed them to Claire
Then she bought some more so we had lots to share.

Their visit was absolutely nice,
I could do this twice.