June 2005


16 May 2005 - The Last Journal: What I Thought About The Trip

Going on this trip was adventurous and enjoyable.... but there were some parts that I didn't like. In this last journal for the trip I will talk about the more important things in the trip that I liked and the more important things that I didn't like, in short Up Sides and Down Sides.

Up Sides

We went to really cool places: Australia, New Caledonia, Lord Howe, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii. In these countries we visited a selection of different places. Some were cities or towns, and some were reefs or nature reserves. The few overnights we had to do in Australia weren't too bad because they didn't last very long. However, the longer passages weren't the most enjoyable because we often made a technicolor yawn (throwing up) along the way and I became restless because there isn't really much to do. I especially missed being able to run around.

Some times we came to a city right after a passage, like Noumea in New Caledonia, and some times we arrived in pure nature like Samurai, Papua New Guinea. Suddenly seeing a really big city appear on the horizon might have made me sick because they seemed so out of place after the quiet passages. On the contrary when we entered a bay that had be-eautifull coral, and crystal clear water it felt so peaceful. In the many really interesting places we went, most of the time we saw really awesome flora and fauna.

In all our traveling we have collected lots of funny stories and experiences to share with our friends when we move back. In Australia, a thing that I loved to do and had to drag momma and papa in to, was going to all the Sanctuaries and getting to hold koalas, snakes, wombats, baby crocodiles, and petting the kangaroos. One of the things that I am grateful for is all the different books I have read in the duration of the trip. If we had not gone on this trip I would not have enjoyed collecting all the various series of books I have now. I have a book list on the website so you can see all the books that I have read.

I am also very glad that we made some friends along the way, because it would have been a very lonely trip otherwise.

Down Sides

It was very annoying that in this trip we came to a new place, stayed there for a week or so, made some new friends, then left never seeing them again. Another thing I have come to count as a down side is being separated from my friends for about 1 years. Momma and papa say that it is a bit of good thing because we are away from the influence of the cell phones and wanting to have a picture phone. Not that it is really working, I still want a cell phone so I can go out with out and call my mom with my own cell phone.

The homework, while some times fun, was incredibly and boringly boring at other times. It is really only boring because it is just me and my brother, no friends to laugh with or play games with at recess or talk with a lunch. Well, we don't really have recess or a lunch, but still.

A small down side to the trip was the smallness of the cabins because on the passages the cabins easily became claustrophobic.


I'm glad that we did this. It gave me a family feeling, even with my brother who never listens when I say stop.