January 2005


6 January 2005 - Waikiki

So far we have met 3 couples that are really nice. The names of the couples are: Sue and John, Susan and Everett, Tony and Barbara. Susan and Everett let us borrow their bikes to ride to Other Realms (which is the store were we get the Warhammer stuff). I think this is very nice. Sue needs to walk on crutches because she was helping to dock a boat in high winds. She was holding onto one of the mooring lines when a strong wind gust pulled her into the water. Then the boat floated back to the dock, and that is how she broke her hip.

On Tuesday we went to the North Shore in hopes of seeing big waves. We didn't see any really big ones, only messy 10 to 12 foot waves. While we were in Waimea, we stopped at the Audubon Botanical Gardens. In the gardens we saw hibiscus, bamboo, sugar cane, cannonball trees, and piper trees. At the end of the Botanical Gardens there was a pool with a waterfall. We swam to the waterfall and climbed inside. By leaning against the wall in a particular spot you could stand there without getting wet. It was a lot of fun but I only did it twice because it is kind of freaky. Actually one of the other reasons I only did it twice was because if you would swallow the water you could get leptospirosis. That really freaked me out.

So far, staying in Hawaii has been really fun, and I hope that it will get even more exciting. It is also nice to be back with the whole family while being in a tropical paradise.

10 January 2005 - Diamond Head

“Why do we have to go? It's 2:00 and about 32C!” I moaned. We were talking about going to climb Diamond Head. I guess the only reason that I moaned was because when you look at DH it looks like a big mountain. That's not entirely true because you drive about three quarters of the way up in to a crater which is where you start the hike.

The hike was a lot shorter than we expected but the heat made it worse. When we got to the top it was worth it. You could see all around you for many miles and in some places the water was so clear that you could even see the reefs.

Two days after that we went to the beach to see Spiderman 2. The only reason that I really liked going there was because you do not need to pay to see the move and they have food and drinks.

The movie wasn't very good. It would be an insult to bad movies if you said it was bad.

24 January 2005 - Kauai

In spirit of my old journal entries I want to start with saying: “We didn't do anything exciting these last few days”, so I will.

We didn't do anything exciting these last few days, except hike for 9 miles (and planning to hike every day), get a butt-ugly car, and eat a delicious lunch. Sounds like fun? Nope. Well, maybe the delicious lunch, but the rest ... Horrible, absolutely horrible!

1:55 Log entry

Just finished lunch. Read some of Dave's log entries in the Endless Summer log book. Cracked up. Time to start journal again. Boring!

One of the most un-exciting things that happened was the overnight to Kauai.

11:30 January 20 2005 Log entry

I said to momma: “You know overnights like this make the place to you are going to half as nice.”

In the middle of the night the main sail fell down from the top of the mast with a noise like “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzthump!” As soon as I heard the thump, I flew from where I was (outside in the cockpit, under the table) with “eyes as big as saucers” (quote from Tristan). It turned out that the block from the main sail had broken, which made the whole sail slide down the mast. Papa had to go up the mast in the middle of the night and pull the halyard back down.

2:15 Log entry

I'm getting really tired of writing about the past. I wish I could write about the future. Can't! Boring!

(Let's see ... ah yes! That's where I was.)

So when papa came back down, he was battered and bruised, but content that the mail sail was fixed. He switched the block with that of the screecher (which is a sail kind of like a spinnaker).

2:20 Log entry

Almost finished! Finally! Yes!

So, after an exhausting over-night, and throwing up many times (momma threw up 3 times, I only once and it was only water, otherwise I would not know how I would have survived, maybe I should have drawn up a survival plan) we finally arrived in Nawiliwili Harbor.

2:25 Log entry

Nothing much more to say. I think this might we enough. Should be. Well ... goodbye! Hope you liked it.

31 January 2005 - Kauai

On January 20th, the Let 'er Buck's and my family went on a hike up a mountain called Sleeping Giant. Before we hiked we wanted to go out for breakfast at a place called Aromas. Aromas was close, though, so we ended up going to The Beach Hut. It looked cute, but the food was horrible. It made momma and me sick! When we arrived at the start of the trail, it was really hot and the sun was burning down on us. Everett and Susan have a whole bunch of squash balls that they take along to have fun with, and they gave one to Tristan and me to play with. When the adults started to come up the trail, Tristan yelled for Ev to catch a ball. Ev almost got it, but it landed on his foot instead, right where there was a cut he had gotten while he was learning to surf.

We missed two shortcuts at the beginning of the hike, which we noticed when we walked by them after we had done the switch-back. The short cuts were a bit overgrown, but it was clear that they are used often. This is why we were allowed to use the ones that came after them. Usually we don't because it causes erosion. After we missed those two, we became more aware and found several more. There were also some really cool views. Five shortcuts and two liters of sweat later, we reached “the Chin”. The Chin is a big chunk of rock that looks like the chin of the Sleeping Giant from far away. At 11:25 we had lunch. It was kind of early, but we were hungry. We ate lunch underneath the chin in a cave! This is how we found the cave: Tristan and I were sitting on top of this big chunk of rock right by a steep cliff, when momma called out: “Can you see a shaded place to eat lunch?” I responded: “I think there might be a little cave underneath us”. Momma asked: “Could you check it out?” “Sure!” That is how we ended up eating there.

Going back down was fun because we could slide and jump ... and recall things that had happened on the way up. For instance: “This is were we passed 5 huffing and puffing fat ladies.” We did also see something new, though. We passed lots of passion fruit trees! We stopped a few times, so we could collect some of the passion fruits. In the end we collected about 15 non-ripe passion fruit (they were delicious a week later).

The second hike we all went on was an even more fun and adventurous hike than the previous one. There was no really clear trail we could follow, in places we would have to cross a river, have to avoid loosing our shoes in mud, be careful not to get a concussion, make sure not to get lost in a bamboo forest, and spray on a lotion so the vicious mosquitos wouldn't bite.

After we had parked and walked a bit, we had to cross the stream by an old dam to be able to continue the hike.

Bamboo Forest

Once we crossed the stream, the trail continued into a bamboo forest. A little while into this, we came to the end of the clearly marked trail. The book said the trail would go steep up the hill there, and advised to walk into the stream for while and then pick up the trail, but we didn't feel like doing that. Since the adults couldn't find the trail, momma sent Tristan and me to scout around a bit. While doing this we climbed up a small rock wall, and there it was! The trail was a lot smaller and quite steep. When we got to the end of the bamboo grove, we had to kind of chimmy down a bunch of bamboo to pick up the trail again.

Crossing a River and an Island

Once we passed through the bamboo grove, we needed to cross an island of really, really slippery rocks. Falling would most likely mean a concussion! We had to cross the raging river twice!

Crossing a big pond

Once we had survived the river by the island, we walked on a bit further. Suddenly we came to a big pond. Momma, Tristan and papa walked on top of rocks to get to the other side while Susan, Ev and I waded across. Then we picked out way across wild ginger and potato country to be stopped by mud. Big puddles of mud. Here I need to fast forward to the time when we are on the way back.

Mud puddle

On the way back, we came again to the biggest puddle. This time Tristan just skipped over it, so I thought I could do that too. Turns out that I couldn't! I got stuck right in the middle and almost lost my $ 50.00 tennis shoes! Rewind now.

Gauva tree

After the mud, we came to a big pond with a big gauva tree hanging over it. We didn't pick any because nobody in the group really likes gauvas.


We took a little rest, and then started clambering over boulders to get to the waterfall that this adventurous hike was supposed to lead to. After a while we lost momma and Susan. We continued on so that once we found the waterfall one of us could go back to tell them that we had found it. We went quite a way up the stream, and still had not found it. So papa and Ev left Tristan and me to play, and they climbed on. Eventually they came back and said they had found it. Tristan and I didn't go anymore, because it was getting too late.

The way back on this trail was rather uneventful, except for the mud incident and a few slips and slides into the water. These hike were absolutely tubular, and I hope to do hikes like this again. When I read the guide book, it sure sounds like there are lots of great hikes on Kaua'i. So the chances are pretty good to have my wish fulfilled.