February 2005


18 February 2005 - The Horrible Hike

My dad said: “While I was looking in the guide book, I read about a really cool hike! It's in Waimea Canyon and it is 10 miles.” “Oh, no, not another hike”, Tristan and I groaned. Our reason not to like going for another hike was understandable. Papa usually downplays the length of a hike. He did so again this time. He forgot that we had to hike a mile down the road to get back to were the car would be parked. There would also be another mile because all the various views we could look at, that went off the trail. The hike was actually 12 miles.

It took about 7 hours. The first two of them went really fast because there were a lot of things to do. in the beginning there was at least a mile of mud and slippery clay. The recent downpours of rain had worn deep trenches in the trail. This is were most of us fell. The score was: 3 fall, 6 slips, 1 squelch and 1 slop. Then there were some hills. The flat spaces in between them were thick with mud and animal tracks. Generally the coast that we were hiking along was pretty much like a dessert. Most of the plants looked like they came from a dessert. However, some plants looked like they came from a lush rain forest. For them both to thrive the environment must be very varied.

After the horribly confusing terrain, we reached a fence saying “End Of Trail. Do Not Go Beyond This Point.” We were at the end of the trail at an amazing lookout point. We walked a little bit past the fence to eat lunch on a grass patch (instead of on the red dirt. When I say grass, I mean something like Savannah Grass. Clearly the grass had been used as a seat before.

Somewhere in the middle of the hike, we were warned by a sign that the next .25 miles would be a narrow trail and have a lot of erosion. Hiking through this area was a lot of fun and I continuously asked Tristan not to pull on the rocks, especially by the really narrow parts. We also came upon a little pond in which I rinsed my feet, hoping that it would help the blisters a was developing on my feet. About a quarter of a mile after that, we came to a waterfall. I stood under it to get cooler.

In the last part of the hike I raced papa from the .25 mile marker to the parking lot. Here we were supposed to wait while Ev would get the car – so it turned out to be an 11 mile hike! While we waited for Everett, I discovered that the blister on my foot had popped. Overall, this was a very exciting hike! And as usual, Tristan and I should not have groaned beforehand!

26 February 2005 - Wahi'awa Bay

Today is our 5th day in Wahi'awa Bay. The days here are composed of going to bed late, waking up late, lazing on the beach and swimming (I won't mention the few hours of homework that we do each day). Here I will give on account of what happened, in chronological order.

Day One in Wahi'awa is the day we arrived. We basically did nothing but scrub the hulls of the boat because they were horribly dirty. In Nawiliwili Harbor we are anchored right at the mouth of a river, and when it rains the river turns very brown-red, because the dirt in Kaua'i is very red. Of course it stays stuck on the hulls.

Day Two in Wahi'awa was more fun because we went to the beach, played cricket and helped momma make a little hut out of driftwood. Tristan and I had tried to built one before but we did not find the right sticks to build the support, so we had thought it impossible. At night we had a small bonfire by our hut. I had also made hot chocolate to drink while we had the fire.

On Day Three we went snorkeling. What follows are some of the things that I saw: a turtle, a spiny lobster, 2 big fat beautiful Moorish Idols (along with lots of little ones), 3 small Crown of Thorns, and numerous amounts of sea urchins of gargantuan proportions. Imagine eating one of those on rice and seaweed! This was also one of the days when we had a bonfire.

Day Four started with homework, and I'm mentioning it here because this was the day when it really annoyed me to have to do that. We had afternoon tea with a yummy cake at the beach hut. After we finished our tea, papa took his cup and dug for some crabs in the sand by the shore line. He eventually dug deep enough and we saw a really big crab crawling out of the hole as fast as he could. It raised itself up high on his legs, ran to the ocean and dug himself in again as fast as he could. The way that the crab ran made us all laugh really hard. It looked really comical!

During Day Five we went to Glass Beach. On the way to Glass Beach we went tide pooling. We climbed down a cliff to look at an arch.The arch was quite big and looked sturdy enough to walk over, which is why we did it. After a while we could go no further, so we climbed up a different part of the cliff and got back on the trail. After a while we arrived at a cemetery. Part of it was an old Japanese cemetery. The gravestones were really interesting because they are just tall boulders set upon a flat rock with the name engraved in the stone in Japanese characters. The reason that Glass Beach is named so is because the beach has the smallest amount of sand. The rest of it is all beach glass.

Our stay in this bay reminded me of being on a classical holiday on a nice little island. Now we're back in Nawiliwili Harbor. I like being back here because we can go to the library again to get new books and to go on the internet.