April 2005


3 April 2005 - To O'ahu and More

On March 30th we left Kaua'i and went to O'ahu. Tristan and I had planned to stay up for a night watch. That never happened because Tristan got too tired, and I eventually fell asleep also. I was half asleep when a big wave came over the bow and over the whole entire boat. I woke up all the way when papa yelled: “What the ***!?” He yelled because one of the hatches on the top of the cabin was left open somehow and the wave dumped a lot of water. It soaked papa, the floor, the counter, and even some of the cabinets in the galley. Even though this woke me up, I fell asleep again eventually. After the exhausting night, we finally arrived in Ko'olina in the morning. I think that everybody liked reaching Ko'olina Marina. We are now tied to a dock, and can take hot showers. What is also really convenient is that there are a number of really cool lagoons, all within walking distance of the marina. Our parents already sent us off the boat once to go swimming there. The water there has a nice temperature, and it is salt water. The lagoons have a series of small rock island. It is really fun to jump off them. This is, of course, against the rules. One thing that really freaks me out is that there are lots of sea urchins. They freak me out because they are spiky. I have no idea if they are poisonous -and I don't want to find out.

On April Fools Day we went to Honolulu. We arrived there by way off a very long and annoying bus ride. In Honolulu Tristan and I went to the Ward Warehouse to buy some Warhammer 40K. It was here that Tristan spend all of his money.

16 April 2005 - The Power Plant Bay

A few days ago we left Ko'Olina Marina to go to an anchorage for a few days. As sson as we arrived at the Bay we saw a juge pod of Spinner Dolphins playing in the water. As soon as we had anchored, Tristan, mamma and I (and later on papa), jumped off the boat. I swam really close to the pod of dolphins several times, but never really got to pet them. We also saw a turtle. Around 4 o'clock the dolphins gave a spectacular show! It consisted of swimming really close to the boat and then zooming away, only to jump high into the air and doing quadruple flips and spins, then swimming back to the boat again. They repeated this again and again. There was one youngster that did the most spins and he would do three triple spins in a row. Spinner Dolphins are the only species of dolphin that will do these special tricks just for fun, without having been trained for it. One really amazing thing about the water was the fact that where we were anchored it was 10 meters deep (about 30.3 feet) and it was as clear as if we were in the shallows. One interesting thing was that we found two anchors that had apparently been last overboard and had not been found. On the second night there, Tristan and I decided to sleep outside. It was about 4 hours after we had falling asleep, I was rudely woken up by momma we told me that we had to go to our beds, as we had dragged anchor and we had to motor to re-anchor.

After two nights at the Power Plant Bay, we sailed about 6 more miles to Poki Bay. The water wasn't even close to how clear it had been at the Power Plant. We were anchored in 3 meters of water and could not see the bottom unless we were under water. This is also where we finished cleaning the hulls of Endless Summer. There was some surf there, so while Tristan and papa went surfing, momma and I finished cleaning the hulls and the dinghy. We had a good time that afternoon because a lot of the local kids came over from the beach to jump off our boat.

I enjoyed going to anchorages, but I like being back in the marina, because they have wire-less internet here.

28 April 2005 - From Oahu to Moloka'i, Lana'i, Mau'i, and the Big Island

The whole trip took us about 4 days (not counting the days we spent in Kane'ohe bay.) Before we left for Moloka'i we went to Kane'ohe bay where we spent two days. On the second day there we went to Chinaman's Hat. Chinaman's Hat is a very small, but high, stony island that is on the outskirts of Kane'ohe bay. We climbed to the top of Chinaman's Hat where Tristan and I once again tested mama's nerves by doing crazy (and very fun) stuff. Down on the bottom of the island where we had put our dingy, I found that the rocks around our dingy were covered with olivine (this is a much cheaper version of peridot). On the way to Lono Harbor on Moloka'i, the weather was unpredictable. Sometimes we got really strong winds (not that I mind that much because we get there faster!) and choppy waves. Other times we got almost soothing waves with hardly a whisper for a wind. Once we arrived into Lono Harbor I was disappointed about how small it was. I expected it to be nice and big with shuttles going to the city and vendors that sell fresh ice cold lemonade for only 50 cents.**Sighs** (not that there even is a big city). Instead I saw a tiny anchorage with a small rocky beach and with a break water, nothing else.

When we left to go to Lana'i it was definitely a relief because to be frank I was getting rather cramped in the little anchorage with the break water. The passage to get to Lana'i weather wise was probable worse than to Moloka'i but the waves for the first few hours were nicer. Tristan and I went to the very front of the boat and jumped to go extra high. Wheeeeeeeeeeee! After a while the waves got too big and rough so we had to go into the cockpit to find other ways to entertaining ourselves, dang! Doing all these passages taught me that the best thing to do so you don't get sick is to stay out in the open air. (This next bit that I am about to write about is already on the website so if you have read the website you will have heard this story in different words.) If I couldn't go up to the very front of the boat I would stand by the helm and breath the fresh air. It so happened that one time I was standing in my usual spot (so I don't get sick) by the helmsman (which was papa,) while momma talked on the phone and I didn't notice that papa ducked. It turned out that I got soaking wet! The next few minutes were pure torture for me. I was wet, really wet. Brrrrrrrrrrr! Wet to the roots! After I had the “Why you should duck when the helms man ducks”(see papa's story) we were slowly reaching our destination. Because I was salty and it was really hot I asked to be able to take a shower outside. Moma said sure. Using the small hose we had outside I took a shower that attracted momam and papa to also take a shower in the sun. When we got to Kaumalapau, the water (saltwater) there was really inviting so even though I had just taken a shower I just had to back in the water, much to momma and papa's annoyance. While I was in the water I saw a whole bunch of cool coral, lots of fish and two moray eels. One of the moray eels was a baby and the other one must have been a middle aged one.

The passage to Maui was a lot calmer for the first few hours. Then the last hour turned pretty nasty. To save you from listening to me ranting and raving about how windy and wavy the passage was I will go straight to when we anchored the boat. After we had anchored the boat (which took a lot of screaming and the waving of hands in artistic shapes), we finally took a well-deserved rest. Of course Tristan and I used that time to go snorkeling, diving, and jumping off various areas of the boat, with different heights.)Oh, yeah, the anchorage was called Makena. We spent one day in Makena and on the second day at an island not to far from the mainland of Maui, called Molokini. It was a recommended snorkeling and diving spot. I can't say that much about the coral except that there were a lot of colorful spongy masses and coral that seemed like they were part of a rock. Now the fish were a lot more colorful and a particular species of wrasse that were very small almost seemed to accompanied me as an honor guard. There was also a really cool sea urchin that was called the red pencil urchin. An interesting fact about it is that before there was chalk the natives used the spines of this sea urchin to write with. The thing that unnerved me the most was that there was this one kind of fish that weren't afraid of people so they would swim right up to you and would only go away when you kicked at them with your flippers. I nick-named them the EVIL FISH OF ETERNAL DISSATIFFACTION **Voice Echoes** (echo,echo!)

There is not much left to talk about except for the sail to Hilo, that it was calm, there were no incidents, blah blah, and blah blah blah ...the list could go ever onward but I would eventually run out of room and that wouldn't do, would it?) I need to repeat myself so I can start the last story in this journal.

The sail to Hilo was calm and nothing disturbing happened. Actually that's not true. But it was only a minor incident. I had decided to make some instant noodles for dinner and because I get sick if I don't eat something first thing in the morning, I made another one to store in a thermos for breakfast. So when I woke up and went to eat the noodles all that came out was some broth and when I looked i saw a huge mass of noodles! (scientific reason coming up next on discovery channel!**raising eyebrows** “Discovery Channel?!”) Scientific Reason: The noodles expanded when exposed to the hot water, so since it was in the hot water through the night it expanded until the noodles got exposed to the cold air or the water lost it's heat. There. The 'minor' incident has been told in full.

Goodbye! **waves**