October 2004


15 October 2004 - BACK HOME!

Two and a half weeks ago, mamma, Tristan and I arrived in San Francisco, ready to see all our friends. Even though we had a little bit of jet lag, the first day we arrived we were still awake enough to drive around to see several of our friends on that same day. We stayed at the Tassi family the first week. They didn't come home that first night until later, and Tristan and I were still awake enough to jump on the trampoline while waiting for them. Well, even though we hadn't felt tired, we definitively were, because the next morning we slept until 11 o'clock. The best part about being here is seeing everyone back, and having sleep-overs.

We also went on a field trip with the home-school program. The field trip was to China Town in San Francisco. We went to a Buddhist temple, to a restaurant to have dim sum, to an herbal store, and to a fortune cookie factory. In the herbal store we found jasmine tea which is one of our favorite teas. They also had shark fins, deer antlers and a lot of other stuff that we think is weird because we don't know what to use it for. Along the way we stopped by a fortune cookie factory and saw a fortune cookie machine. Fortunes cookies are one of the few cookies I actually like, so I was happy. This was a very varied field trip!

28 October 2004 - Camping & Field Trips

On Friday October 15th we left to go camping with grandma. We had planned this trip for a while, but it didn't quite work out as expected. The reason was that there was a huge forest fire burning in the area that we wanted to go camping in. We ended up going to 2 different other places. We went to Lake Alpine for the first night. The second night we had a choice: we could stay at Lake Alpine or go to Grover Hot Springs, a place grandma had always wanted to visit. We decided to go to Grover Hot Spring because it sounded exciting to go to hot springs. When we arrived there we realized that we didn't have swim suits with us. What now?! Luckily it is possible to rent them there. Which is what we did, of course. There were two pools. One was about 90 degrees, the other one, which was a bit smaller was 102 degrees F. Tristan and I played in the cooler pool longer because it was bigger, and you could play around more. When we got cold we could jump into the hotter pool. We made a campfire every night. I feel really proud because I was the one who started both of them. We also made a fire both mornings, that's why we ran out of fire wood by Sunday morning, so we had to make a fire from pine cones. It was nice to hang out with grandma for a weekend. She showed us many different kinds of trees.

This week we gave a presentation to the Homeschool Program about our travels. We talked mainly about Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia. Only a little bit about Australia. We used our reports and our “5 favorite things” as the basis. Mama made us memorize a lot of stuff, but we already knew a lot. We also showed pictures from the website, projected unto a white board. I felt nervous at first, but after I had started talking it wasn't so bad anymore.

We went on another field trip this week. The field trip was to the Laurence Hall of Science in Berkeley. We had been here several times before, but we decided to go along with the field trip because it is one of our favorite museums. Tristan and I both thought that the special tour was more for smaller kids. The tour was about electronics, and we already knew a lot about the things that they talked about.