May 2004

7 May 2004

What I'll miss about having opa and oma here and about our next plans.

I'll miss not having somebody to play games with all the time. I'll miss their company. I'll miss the breakfasts that we had. And the dinners oma made. I'll also miss how clean the boat was. Now that they're gone, the boat is a total mess (well ... kind of). It's because Tristan, papa and I don't help clean the boat as much as oma did.

My favorite thing to do with opa and oma was playing games. I also liked going shopping with them because opa always joked a lot about things we saw. It was also just fun to have them visit the boat. The boat feels a lot bigger without them (no offense meant), but it also feel emptier without them.

We are probably going to New Caledonia. New Caledonia: that's 4 or 5 days without seeing any land (except when we decide to go by Lord Howe Island). Four or 5 days without seeing anyone Tristan, mama and papa. I do want to go there, but it does make me feel a little anxious. We also need to learn French. But I do want to go there because it will be beautiful and tropical and relaxing.

7 May 2004 - Balmoral

Guess what we did? We visited somebody's house for the first time we were in Sydney! The people that own the house are called Colin, Sue and Freya Gunn. Colin is one of the 2 other people that are getting a Ferrier 41 build by Steve. It was supposed to be the 2nd one done, ours 3rd . Instead ours became the first and his is still in production, but almost done. We took them sailing on the Harbor first, and then we went to their house for a late lunch. The house was quite large and very modern, with some nautical themes. I thought the colors, the designs and the location showed that they have a good sense of style. It was beautiful. When you looked out from the patio you could see Sydney Harbor through the trees. They also had the cutest gray kitten. Her name was Beanie. She was very playful, and didn't like to get held for a long time. I guess that's because she is a kitten. She would scamper after corks and tennis balls and do funny summersaults and jumps to get to it. It was wonderful to be playing with a kitten. I miss Pippin. I do look forward to settling down again so I can have pets again.

13 May 2004 - Visiting the Australia Museum

Yesterday we went to the Australia Museum. They had things about Australian animals, minerals and Aboriginals.

Aboriginals are like Native American Indians, except that they are Native Australian Indians. They had an exhibition that showed their weapons, fishing implements, dress, how important families are ... They told about how their children had been taken away and tried to turn into white kids by sending them to children's camps or white couples without children. I would just hate it if that would have happened to me. Luckily this is not happening anymore. We also saw a film about this white man who lived in a town where Aboriginals could not go into the local swimming pool, among other things. This reminded me about what happened to the blacks in American and what Martin Luther King tried to do. In Australia there was this bus that went around the country protesting against segregation. In the bus were white and Aboriginal people, mostly college students, who went to towns and tried to change things.

I think the most interesting thing about Australian Minerals is that they showed three models of the biggest and some of the first pieces of gold that were found in Australia. The biggest piece seemed at least 2 feet long. It was found because a little tip of it was sticking out of the ground and a horse tripped over it. There was a little room that they had made to look like a cave. Inside where all kinds of minerals, like saffire, ruby, opal, quartz, and also my birthstone: emerald. What was really interesting is that for some stones they had the rough stone next to the polished stone. There is a big difference, except for opals. Even if they are not polished, they are still shiny.

For the animal part I mostly looked for information for my Parrot Report. The room with dinosaurs also had an exhibit about pre-historic animals in Australia. The 3 biggest animals were a gigantic wombat, which didn't look very cute, a gigantic bird, and a gigantic short-nosed kangaroo.

I really like the Australian Museum. It was huge. It was in one of the oldest buildings in Sydney, and it was like a maze.

This is what mama wrote down about its mission:

“Its mission is to use the vast collection it houses to research, interpret, communicate and apply understanding of the environments and cultures of the Australian region to increase their long-term sustainability. The collections provide a reference to the fauna, geology and cultural heritage of Australia.”

23 May 2004 - The Chinese Garden of Friendship

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is sort of like what a Chinese garden would look like about 100,200 years ago. It was really small but how they put the paths, it made it seem a lot bigger.

Oh I forgot to tell you where it is. It is in Darling Harbor, Sydney. They have three water falls. The third is small but still very pretty. They have a tea house and I caught a small skink. It was so cute and small. Here are the teas that we had: Shou Mei or Old Man's Eyebrows T'ieh Kuan Yin or Iron goddess of Mercy And momma had Jasmine tea. h The garden inspired me to make a dream house that would probably cost about a million dollars. I am working on a drawing of the house and garden.