March 2004

3 March 2004 - WB Movie World

Yesterday we went to WB Movie World and had the most unhealthy food day. Here is a list of what we ate, in chronological order:

  • me – sausage roll
  • Tris – meat pie
  • Karin – sandwich

  • me- vanilla ice cream
  • Tris – vanilla ice cream
  • Karin - some of both of us

  • me – some fish and chips
  • Tris – hamburger
  • Karin – some fish and chips with me

It was really the most unhealthy lunch and brunch I've ever had.

Here are all the rides we went on:

  • The spooky coaster (from Scooby Doo): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 times
  • Lethal Weapon inverted roller coaster: 1, 2 times
  • Wild West Falls: 1, 2, 3 times

I think the prices are absurd. The price for adults is 58 dollar and the price for children is 37 dollar. Altogether we spend (just to get in) 132 dollars! For three people! [Background noise like someone trying to pass a largish kidney stone silently and failing. -Scott]

Anyway. We saw a Matrix Show and went in the Matrix Exhibit. We also saw a Batman thing-a-ma-bobber and it was so stupid. They were fighting and they didn't even touch each other. It was soooooo lame. But there was one show, called Police Academy Stunt Show which was really cool. It has a whole bunch of stuntmen and women and they do stupid things.

Compared to Disney Land and to Dreamworld, this park was pretty bad. There was a lot of empty space, just buildings (they are so-called sets for movies) and not that many rides.

4 March 2004 - Homework

We have been doing our homework by ourselves these last 2 days. Yesterday we did three subjects in 2 ˝ hours all by ourselves, while papa and mama were away working on the boat. What my mom does is this: she splits a paper in half. Then she writes down in one column “Nikki” and what I need to do, and in the other “Tristan” and what he needs to do. We just came back from the arcade at the apartment. What I'm trying to say is that we can have a break whenever we want, as long as we finish our homework.

We usually need to do:

  • spelling
  • math
  • journal
  • social studies
Mama gives us about 3 to 4 hours to do that stuff and a bit of time to do other things like:

  • go to the arcade
  • go swimming
  • play on the computer
  • playing games
  • watch TV
So it is quite fun. Mama says we do very well when we are alone.

5 March 2004 - A big storm

A few days ago we had a small cyclone with winds up to 130 km/hr. It was pouring so hard that it looked like it was snowing. The palm trees looked as if they would be ripped out of the ground any second and fall over. The waves reached up to 5 meters and in the morning there was so much foam that you could swim in it. When the waves broke and hit the area of foam all the kids, us included, would rush into it. We would then sit down with our backs to the waves and the foam would spill over us. You can keep your eyes open, and sometimes also your mouth so you could still breath. When you do keep your eyes open, you see a tunnel that looks like a tornado, but actually your head made the tunnel. When the waves meets the foam zone it crashes and looks like horses galloping. It reminded me of the scene in Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring when Arwen has Frodo on her horse and calls the flood through Elrond.

11 March 2004 - Wet' n' Wild

Two days ago we went to Wet 'n' Wild Water World (remember it is Summer time here). We went on a lot of rides. Here follows a list of what we went on in order.

The first ride we went on was Whirlpool, which was horribly pathetic because you go around really slowly. The ads for this new ride show that it goes very fast, but I've been in a small slide that goes faster than this ride. (No offense to the builder.) The next ride was Double Screamer, which I've described before, since I've been on it before. Then we went on a ride called Speed Coaster. On Speed Coaster you go up and down in an enclosed pipe. The pipe then opens up into a half pipe. Lastly, you go up a sort of ramp, after which you slide back down and the ride ends there. After Speed Coaster we went on Super 8 Aqua Racer. I think this ride is really boring because if you are light you do not go very fast at all. Otherwise it is fun. One of the last rides we went on was called Mammoth River. It is an exhilarating ride. You get into a very large tube with 3 to 6 people. A lifeguard spins the tube around and then pushes you into a huge half pipe and you feel like you are on a river. Sometimes you go so far on the edge that you feel like the big raft is going to tip over. We also want on a couple of rides called Terror Canyon, and Terror Canyon II, and on a whole bunch of big “water”-slides. You go on your back or you sit up. The last ride I am going to talk about is a ride that Tristan and I thought was claustrophobic and twisty when we were here before: the Twister. However, Tristan and I went on it 4 or 5 times this time. Isn't that strange? I know why. It is because we know now how to stop water from coming into our noses and to be able to still breath. Altogether I had a good time.

The next day we went to the boat yard to start buffing the boat. Tristan and I had to scrape tiny barnacles off the anti-foul paint and we had to sandpaper the sail drives so that they can be painted again. Buffing, which is rubbing a wax into the hulls with this rotating and vibrating machine, is hard work. It vibrates so much that if you buff for a long time and then give it to somebody else, or turn it off, your hands feel as if they were still holding it. Next to us was a South African catamaran. The woman started cleaning her boat until she realized that ho matter how much she cleaned, it would just get dirty again. We have a few more days of buffing, but the boat is already starting to look nice and shiny again.

17 March 2004 - Duck Pond

The Duck Pond is twice as busy as Turtle Bay in the Whitsundays. It is that busy! The nice thing is that you can swim here. We also have a rubber dingy now, with the motor attached to it all the time, so we can just drop the dingy and motor around for 5 or 10 minutes. The rubber dingy does not go very fast, but it is extremely stable. I do wish that we had a 8 ˝ or 10 hp motor. While motoring around, we saw a boat from Berkely here, and one from Honolulu, Hawaii.


Two days ago we left and did an overnight to Yamba, this is in the state of New South Wales. We slept in the forward cabins because we had to start the engines every now and then because there would be no wind. It was also raining so hard sometimes that you could not open your windows. You could not open the windows anyway because the waves were so big every now and then that one would crash over the bow and that would make the water come gushing in. It was a very restless night. The town of Yamba is quite small, but it is still very nice. The sailing book calls it “charming”. We anchored in front of the town, and we checked out the beaches. The beaches were pretty, and they had a swimming pool, fed directly by ocean water, right next to the beach, on some rocks.

Tomorrow we are going to Coffs Harbour.

25 March 2004 - Coffs Harbour

We are almost at the last stop before Sydney. Coffs Harbour is a man-made harbour, but because it is made of 3 breakwaters between an island and the mainland it looks pretty natural. We've been here for about a week. There was a huge storm which kept us in the harbour. The biggest waves we saw were around 6 meters tall. We would go up on the breakwater by the crashing waves and get splashed ( we know it is not very safe, but my parents let us anyway). The breakwater is made of a combination between natural rocks and really large square concrete blocks. Tristan and I like to put on tennis shoes and jump from block to block.

Inside of the harbour (which is outside of the marina) there is a big' long pier which you can jump off. The jump at high tide is about 20 feet ( 7 meters) high. It feels really, really funny when you jump this high even if it feels like your insides are coming into your throat.

The downtown is pretty far from the Marina, so we have to go for a long walk, or take the bus or a taxi. There is a little shopping area closer by, where they have nice restaurants, an internet cafe, and a small grocery store.

31 March 2004 - Broken Bay

One of my favorite places to go is Pittwater and Refuge Bay. It was also a lot more fun with Kaj and Shay around, although they were a little paranoid about jellies and sharks. At Refuge Bay Kaj, Shay, Tristan and I made 10 dams all over the beach. The 2nd and 3rd time we made the dams they got better every time. It looked like our dam would at least last 24 hours. We also went on the same bush wacking-rock climbing hike. This time we did also go further to where the waterfall falls off the cliff. Tristan and I went the furthest. You could see Endless Summer in the Bay, and also the place where the waterfall reaches the ground.