June 2004


1 June 2004 - A week and two days

  1. sailing with Leonoor, Dick, Steph, Floortje, and going to beautiful Refuge Bay for lunch, where Tristan and I played rambunctiously in the water: nice.

  2. Tristan and I sailing the boat from Coaster's Retreat down the intricate design of Cowan Creek, including getting off the mooring in Coaster's Retreat, motoring to Refuge Bay to pick up a package for papa, anchoring there, getting off the anchor, and raising the sail: capable.

  3. taking showers in the luxurious bathrooms at Akuna Bay: clean

  4. hiking for four long hours and 11 km, after which Tristan could not run anymore: intriguing.

  5. reading and playing on the Game Boy all day while papa and mama sailed to Newcastle from 5 am, when we saw a beautiful sunrise, to 6 pm: brain-dead day.

7 June 2004 - Newcastle

After a fourteen hour sail we finally reached Newcastle and had a long uninterrupted sleep. The next morning we went exploring and ended up having sore legs for the rest of the day. Momma also booked an appointment at a doctors for my wart and an appointment at a dentist to check our teeth. The next day Tristan and I went to a internet cafe called The Battle Ground where you can play massive online multiplayer or MOM. Also I can't believe that we are going to New Caledonia in a few weeks. We might stop at Lord Howe island but momma and papa are thinking about going straight to New Caledonia.