February 2004


10 February 2004 - Rosslyn Bay to Pelican Bay

We haven't written in two weeks because we have been busy. Here are some highlights of what we have done:

  • go to Rosslyn Bay for three days
  • an overnight to Bundaberg
  • drive to Noosa Heads and stay there for 4 days
  • drive back to Bundaberg
  • leave at 11:00 to get to Unangun
  • leave Urangun to get to King Fisher Resort on Fraser Island
  • see wild dingo on Fraser Island
  • go to resort and ask how much it is to rent a jeep
  • go swimming at Sandbar Bar and play pool
  • leaving King Fisher Resort at 8:30 to go to Pelican Bay

Let me talk about some exciting things that happened at some places.

At Rosslyn Bay there was a giant lightning storm. The cloud that held it looked like a gigantic mushroom. It was so big that you could see the lightning hit the ground and it just never stopped.

Lots of my friends ask if I've seen a wild croc, but I think seeing a wild dingo is just as exciting.

At Noosa we stayed at Geoff and Dianna's house for 4 days. We went to the skate park there and Tristan and I spend at least an hour and a half each day in their pool. It was fun to spend four days in a house with people who are that nice.

12 February 2004 - Pelican Bay

When we were in Pelican Bay we decided to go ashore. It proved to be difficult because there was a foot deep layer of mud all around the Bay in which my dad could not walk. So we had to try different places to find a place to pull the dingy up on the mud. We finally did go ashore. We saw a bunch of mud crabs and I caught two puffer fish with my hands. We walked across Inskip Point so that we could swim in the ocean. Once we were finished swimming, we put a lot of mangrove seedlings in a row on the beach, pretending to make a “causing severe tire damage” line (Mangrove seeds are long and heavy and drop from the mangrove trees into the ground or into the water. Then, after a while, they slowly grow into trees).

We had a tubular time.

Some differences between living on a boat and living in a house. On a boat:

  1. you move a lot, and you move around a lot
  2. you can't take long showers
  3. you have to be careful with water because you have a limited supply
  4. you can climb on a lot more things
  5. your mom is your teacher
  6. it takes one minutes to flush the toilet
  7. you make new friends, but you don't stay long
  8. you see a lot of marine life
  9. you have to dock a boat
  10. you don't do a lot of home work

13 February 2004 - Tangalooma Wrecks

On the way to Manly Boat Harbor by Brissy, we stopped at Tangalooma Wrecks again. This was almost the same as the last visit, but we were anchored in a different spot. We also didn't dingy around this time. Tristan and I swam ashore two times, my dad went once also, but my mom never did (she stayed behind to make lunch). She did swim in the water with us. We saw 2 woebegones (a kind of shark), 2 blue-spotted rays, a small school of Long Toms (a fish with a long snout). I also think I saw a Helmet Shell.

My dad, Tristan and I raced up a 200 foot, or 60 meter, slope of yellow and hot sand, and then we ran down it. At the end I accidentally did a pirouette and landed on my belly. I twisted my ankle the day before, and that made me do a home run slide after I did a pirouette. Mama took a picture right before I did that pirouette, look for it on the website. Last time we were there we saw people boogy-boarding down the slope. We took our boogy-boards also, but they wouldn't slide down very well. We had a lot of fun anyway.

16 February 2004 - Manly

We are now in Manly Harbor, one of the harbors in Brisy. One thing about Manly Harbor is that it is so big that you could be in for a long walk. Unfortunately, we are at the very end finger. But the nice thing is that there is a swimming pool with a diving board and a slide close by. The walk is about 1.3 km. We were all wanting to get to Brisbane because we thought that it would be colder, but it is still so hot, and I'm so sick of the heat. That's why this is all I'm writing now.

20 February 2004 - Brisbane

Two days ago we went on the train to Brissy for the second time. This time we went to get our visas renewed. It was really boring because we had to just sit and wait until my parents had filled our forms and until the person at the Immigration Office has typed things into the computer. When it was finally finished, we went to the book store. In Brisbane there is a big book store and it has the biggest selection of books I have seen since we have been in Australia. It is called Borders Book store. I bought 5 books in 2 days. Now I have no more money.

Then we decided to go swimming. We went to South Bank. South Bank is a bank on the south side of the Brisbane River. The swimming pool is outdoors and it gets its water from an artificially made creek. The creek itself is full of rocks and sometimes sand or concrete. Tristan and I explored the creek until about 1/3 of the way. Later my mom and I went all the way to the end. At the end of the creek there is a very imaginative playground, with a bridge over the creek. There was an Urban Ibis sitting on the bridge. These birds let you come really close to them. Under some rocks by the playground a little pipe gushes out chlorinated water. I think this is the beginning of the creek. When we came back everybody was ready to leave. I thought this experience was really fun.

23 February 2004 - Australian Alcatraz

One day ago we left Manly Boat Harbor to go to St. Helena Island. In brochures it is called Australia's Alcatraz. It really is nothing like Alcatraz. We wanted to go to the ruins there, but you need a guided tour to do that. It was a pity, but it did give us more time to get to the anchorage where we were going to spend the night. This anchorage is a turtle and dugon protection area, by the island named Peel Island. We had a nice sail all the way there. When we got there, the wind was starting to change direction. It was changing dangerously close to the direction that the anchorage would not be nice to stay in. We decided to move to another anchorage. It was almost dark by that time, but luckily the other anchorage was very close. When we got there, we spend hours watching a big lightning storm that was going on over the mainland. Tristan filmed it on our video camera. Despite the lightning and the rain, I slept very well.

27 February 2004 - Pacific Regis

We needed a new home for a little while. This is why we are in an apartment now. Our boat is on the dry for two weeks. The apartment complex has 2 pools, a sauna and 2 spas. We are right above the spa and the smaller pool. The smaller pool is warmer and it is inside, while the outside pool is a lot colder. It feels so good to jump in the outside pool after having been in one of the spas. It is really nice to be in an apartment because it has a lot more space. It also has a dishwasher. Tristan and I don't have to do the dishes in the morning while we are here.

When we got the boat out of the water we had to pack up. We also had to take the dagger boards out. You need to be strong to do this, and I was strong enough to help. It was a lot easier to do with me helping (mama said that). After we were done with that, we still needed to put the boogie boards and the surf boards on the roof of the rental car. Then mama packed all the things from the fridge that we would want to take. We drove to the apartment after that. Papa went to get fish and chips for dinner, and now we are here.