August 2004

11 August 2004 - Isle des Pins

Right now I'm unwillingly writing my journal while eating Nilla Wafers. I swear I'm practically being tortured, having to write against my will. Momma has just finished writing examples about what I could write about. While she was writing them, I was moaning and imitating them in my own silly language. “You buried,” she wrote. “Me puried, “ I said under my breath.

Now to what we've done. Well, first of all, we arrived in Isle des Pins, which translates into Isle of Pines. I guess you could figure out the last and the first words, but anyway ... Our favorite bay (out of the 2 we've been in so far) is called Baie de Kanumera. It has a little island right in the middle of the bay. The island is connected to the mainland during low tide, and it is here that Tristan buried me in cement. I'm serious. If the sand here is mixed with the right amount of water it is practically cement. While I was buried there was about 3 inches of cement on my chest. There was so much that even momma's longest finger could barely touch my chest. When the time came to get out it took me about a minute to wiggle out. As soon as I got out, I felt freezing cold. There is a picture about this.

I really like Kanumera, and also the other bay, Baie de Kuto, because of all the snorkeling. We saw a lot of fish. Among them a really protective fish, a lot of big Garfish, a foot long Pufferfish, lots of Clownfish, five baby Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, and a pale blue Humuhumunukunukuapuaa. We admired different colored Fan-coral and swam past 5 or 6 squid. This is my account of what we have done at Isle des Pins so far. I'm happy we're staying here a little longer.

11 August 2004 - Walking to Vao

Before I tell you what I like about being back in civilization I need to tell you what I liked about Isle of Pines. I love how clear the water is. It is also impossible to take a nice walk without getting picked up by locals. One day Moma decided we would walk to Vao -it's a 7K hike. We were just talking about renting two scoters and ride the rest of the way when a van picked us up. On the way back papa and momma really wanted to have the exercise of the walk back, but we barely walked a couple of kilometers when a truck stopped and the driver asked if we wanted a ride. This was just what Tristan had wanted. In the Bay that we stayed anchored in there was also a floating German bakery. Claudia delivered fresh bread every morning. It was sad to leave Isle of Pines and I hope to go back. What I like about being back in Noumea is that we can take long nice hot and steamy showers again. We also have fresh baguettes and pate for lunch. All in all, though, however nice civilization is, Isle of Pines is better.