September 2003

3 September

We just came into Mooloolaba after a 110 nautical miles sail which took two days and one nights. Thank goodness we don't have to do that again the next couple of days. When we were on the ocean Tristan threw up one more times than I did last year. The first time it happened he ran to the toilet and half of it wasn't even in it. Mom had to clean the head (bathroom) up which made her sick too. We told him to throw up over the railing next time. The only people who didn't get sick were papa and me. While me brother, mom and dad slept in the cabins, I slept outside underneath three blankets and a sweater. For a while I could see Mars. When I woke up again it was 5 o'clock. It was fun.

4 September

In the beginning it was not that fun waiting to leave, because all we did was stay at home or run errands with mama and papa. After a while it got better because mama took us to lots of skate parks and I got a lot better on my scooter. This is about all we did that month while papa and mama were getting everything ready to leave. We did also go to Dreamworld,Wet and Wild, and Seaworld.

The weekend before we left we finally went sailing with friends. We jumped on the trampoline when the boat went over waves that how we jump extra high.

Now we're here in Mooloolaba and we are going to the beach after schoolwork.

6 September

Today we left the anchorage at Pelican Bay and we are on our way to Hervey Bay. Along the way my mom caught a Toby, and we had to remove the hook from its mouth with plyers. A Toby is poisonous and we couldn' have eaten it. Yesterday we lost a hook and a lure while fishing. The reason that we lost the lure is that we had caught a big fish but we didn't reel it in in time. Tonight we're an anchoring again. This time in Kingfisher Bay. Maybe we'll go for a hike tomorrow. After that Tristan and I might go swimming again.

Our next major stop is a town called Pancake Creek. After that we're going to Gladstone. That will get us a lot closer to my favorite place that I've been to so far: Great Keppel Island.

8,9 September

We just left Kingfisher Bay and are on our way to Bundaburg Port Marina. Right now it is the ninth. You're probably wondering why I'm writing a day late. It is because I didn't feel good on the boat. Now I have to do two journals, so I'm very busy today. After a while, We got to Bundaburg Port Marina. We were hoping to have dinner at a restaurant, but it was closed. So we had dinner on Endless Summer. We just came back from downtown Bundaburg. Today all we really did was go to Bundabrg where I got a pocet knife. For the rest of the day we did Homework.

16 September - Gladstone

Last night I made my first dinner. It was tomato soup, with broccoli and avocado salad. It was sort of weird that everybody was saying: "It's delicious, Nicoline". Today we went to a sk8 park in Boyne Island.

Tristan and I are doing homework right now. My brother just took my scooter without asking, and I ended up yelling at him.

Two days ago, we climbed Mount Larcome. In the beginning it's very dry but as you go higher it becomes more lush. When we got really close to the top I saw a brown snake. When we reached the top we had lunch and went back down. After that we went shopping.

Today we are planning to do another overnight. It's our third time. We're going to Great Keppel Island.

20 September

On the 18th we got to Great Keppel. Now it is the 20th. Yesterday we went "skurfing". If you don't know what skurfing is I'll explain. You have a surfboard, a ski rope and a "tinny" with at least a 50 horse power engine. This is how you skurf: first you lay down on the surfboard, then you get up on your knees, then you stand up. All this while you are moving, and you're being pulled by the ski rope. You are not attached to the board. Geoff was the one who pulled us. He owns a resort on Great Keppel Island. We became friends last year. At night, we got to ride in the back of his jeep to the best pizza place ever. On the way back to the boat we dodged trees and poisonous spiders. I liked the ride a lot. Today we're going snorkeling and I hope we'll see turtles or a manta ray.

23 September

In the last couple of days we went to the main beach at Great Keppel Island. All that happened was quite exciting. First we found that there are millions of sand dollars on the bottom, even under the boat. Then we paddled to the beach on a surf board with some money to get a snack. We saw a Blue Spotted sting ray, in the wild!

We just came back to Long Beach yesterday. Today we are going sailing around the Island. We're going to a friends house, people we met last year.

I brought an embroidery kit with me. I just finished the first panel, the first one I ever finished. Now I'm working on one that is all cross-stitches. I like it for when I'm bored, then I have something to do.

28 September

Today's the third day in the Marina where the ferry leaves to Great Keppel Island. Yesterday we bush-wacked up and down a mountain because there was no trail. After that my dad went shopping and we (my mom, Tristan and me) did a whole day of homework. Now, since I didn't do my journal yesterday, I'm doing it today. We just ate lunch. Our lunch was fresh cooked prawns with a sauce. My dad bought them just before at the Fisherman's co-op here. After my journal I'm going to make a boat which will have a cloth sail. We started making boat quite a while ago actually, you can see them on the website. They are getting more float-ier and better after every failure.

Out next stop is the Percy Islands, then Mackay, Whitsunday Islands, and Townsville. We should be in Mackay around Tristan's birthday. I can't wait to be in the Whitsundays, because we might see some friends there and the water is really warm there and it has great coral reefs. But there are also lots of poisonous animal, like in most places along the Great Barrier Reef.