August 2003

16 August

Today is the first day I have written in my journal. Yesterday, Endless Summer was hauled out of the water . All four of us painted the hull and scraped the propelers. Then Scott painted the sail drives and said that maybe next time we can get a bright red paint for the sail drives. We might not see it from the boat but if we are snorkeling we will know that it is our boat. And the fishies might like it too.

17 August

After we finshed getting ready to be put back in the water . Tristan and I rod rode on our scotters to our new spot . We got see our boat being put back in the water.Now we are in a dock with 4 catamarans.My mom all ready made friends with people who are also going sailing.And I saw two PUFFERFISH!!!!! I can'n wait until we start sailing.

18 August

Nothing exciting happened yesterday but we got new scooters (yet again), called the Spyder. The scooters that we first bought here broke. That's basically what happened. Oh yeah, Tristan sprained a finger, and I got a lot better on my scooter. I can even drop in. Actually, I almost dropped in on a half-pipe.

Now that I think about it, before we started the journal, we went to a fair called Ekka. It is a country fair on a larger scale. When we first got there we went to Farmyard Friends. I thought it was cool because you could pick up any animal that came over to you. I wanted to get animal food but mama wouldn't let me, because there was food all over the place already. After that we walked around for a little bit. Then we saw horse racing. I thought it was terrific. Sometimes I felt like I was actually a horse jumping over the jumps. We also saw motorcycle and car races. That was exciting and noisy at the same time.

28 August

Yesterday we went to Wet and Wild. The funnest ride there is also the oldest. It is called " Double Screamer". The main thing is that the slide goes at a 50 degree angle. The only part in the ride when you get wet is the end. The worst ride that was ever build is called "Twister". It should actually be called "Claustrophobia". The tube that you are in is really small and the water goes up your nose because your feet splash up all the water in front of you. We went on that ride right after lunch, so that didn't help. After that, we didn't go on any more rides. For the rest of the time that we stayed there, Tristan and I played Buchaneer Bay, which is like a playground in the water. It has a zip-line. We made up lots of games playing on the zip-line.

I had a terrific time for the 5 hours we were there.